Cinema 4D Tutorial: Bake a Model to Polygonal Object in 2 Clicks


Sometimes you need a complex model to be a single polygonal object. You might need this to simplify your scene, make it faster, export a model to a different application, or chop/cut up a model with thrausi or nitroblast. This is a super quick tip for a fast and dirty 2 click solution for that. Hope it helps!

    1. Edwin

      Whaaaaat! Thanks for the awesome tip!

    2. Rogue Robot
      Rogue Robot04-13-2016

      Fantastic tip! This, combined with Edit-Optimize, will make getting models into Element so much easier.

    3. Soquet

      Oh wow! Thank you so much for this time saver

    4. PT

      I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked online for a way to do this! These quick tips are great, thanks!

    5. mdkdesign

      Ohhhh, great. I think iĀ“ll use this a lot. Thank you!

    6. salex

      Great tip! Thanks šŸ™‚

    7. miKe

      Very cool. Very quick. Very useful.

    8. Lex de Prieƫlle
      Lex de Prieƫlle04-22-2016

      Awesome tip!

    9. John Francis
      John Francis04-25-2016

      Great tip – very quick and easy and will save so much messing’ about

    10. Annette

      Brilliant. I’d been trying to figure out how they optimise all the C4d models easily. Thank you!!!

    11. Andreas Urra
      Andreas Urra05-08-2016

      Great, thanks! Is there a way to meld all texture tags and selections into a single one so that it can be used with Element 3D?

    12. Stephen

      One of the best tips I’ve seen. I’ve been doing it the other way for too long. Thanks!

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