Cinema4D: Modeling a Fire Hose Timelapse

If you’re interested in a full process video of modeling something from scratch, this is for you. Get some coffee, turn on some tunes and watch Remco create a fire hose 3D model in C4D.

The free model download can be found here:



    1. Dave Woodhull
      Dave Woodhull03-19-2015

      Man, Remco really rocks!! I love his stuff, great to see his techniques, thanks for sharing.


    2. David Shough
      David Shough03-19-2015

      Thank you so much for posting this kind of thing. It’s really helpful to watch him work. Please…keep more stuff like this coming!

    3. Brian McMahon
      Brian McMahon03-19-2015

      It is great to see how an expert approaches a problem such as this. It provides numerous tips and lessons. But I would prefer real-time with voice explanation. I can fast forward, but I can’t read minds.

    4. remco

      Ill make sure to get a narrated video on here asap. just let me know what you’re looking for.

    5. David Shough
      David Shough04-06-2015

      Hi Remco,

      Big fan of yours! Would you ever consider doing a speed model video for a box or package? One with nuances in the folds, slight mismatches where the flaps and the edges meet, etc so it really hyper-realistic? Something like this (ignoring the cutouts on the sides):

      This is much harder than it looks, as when I start folding things up, the edges of the folds collide and screws things up. Frustrating. There’s really nothing much on the internet showing how to create stuff like this in C4D. Would love to see an expert like you tackle something like this. Thanks for considering!

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