Contest to Win Free Retro Television Element 3D Model




UPDATE: This contest is over, and the winner is Alex Aguiar. Congrats Alex. Thanks for entering everyone!!


Hey everyone! To celebrate the launch of the Technology Pack for Element 3D we’re going to do a 1 week contest. Every single person who enters will receive a free Retro Television 3D model prepared for Element! In addition to everyone winning the TV model, I will choose one entrant randomly to win a free full Technology Pack. The rules are simple:

1. Post on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. about the Technology Pack for Element 3D. You can write whatever you want, and you can snag images from my blog to use if you want, but it has to include this link:
2. After posting, simply drop a comment under this post saying “DONE.” I will send out a download link via e-mail to everyone who enters.

Thanks for supporting the site by spreading the word, I really appreciate it!


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