Contest: Win a Earth and Globes Pack!



I just drew the random winner and Curtis Dart won the free pack! Thanks for joining the contest everyone, I appreciate your support. Let me know if there’s ever anything I can do for you!

We’re going to do a 1 week contest and the winner will get a free Earth and Globes Pack. The rules are simple:

1. Post on Twitter, Facebook or your personal blog about the Earth and Globes Pack. You can write whatever you want, and you can snag images from my blog to use if you want, but it has to include this link:

2. After posting, simply drop a comment under this post saying “DONE” and I will choose the winner randomly next Tuesday.

3. If you want the Earth and Globes Pack, go ahead and purchase it. If you win the contest I will reimburse your purchase.

Thanks for supporting the site by spreading the word, I really appreciate it. Have fun, and good luck!!

    1. Greg Golya
      Greg Golya03-03-2015

      Done! Thanks! I hope I win!

    2. Marco Rodriguez
      Marco Rodriguez03-03-2015

      Done. These look killer!

    3. Mike Lasswell
      Mike Lasswell03-03-2015

      Facebook & Twitter! DONE!

    4. huarache

      Done! Thanks (best from Barcellona)

    5. Giorgio

      DONE. You have a beautiful models!! Hope I win!!

    6. Gerry T
      Gerry T03-03-2015

      Done! Looks great by the way.

    7. Olteanu radu
      Olteanu radu03-03-2015

      done. Great job bro

    8. chris dinardo
      chris dinardo03-03-2015

      Done-always great work

    9. Cassandra Wellendorf
      Cassandra Wellendorf03-03-2015

      Done! I hope I can the lucky winner. Great work as always Joren!

    10. Sean Kimber
      Sean Kimber03-03-2015

      Done! Thanks! Love the site.

    11. Camilo Gonzalez
      Camilo Gonzalez03-03-2015

      DONE, and thanks, this site is amazing.

    12. Chris

      Done. Keep up the good work 😉

    13. Paul Gilbert
      Paul Gilbert03-03-2015

      DONE! Best of luck to everyone on this here globe! 🙂

    14. Jeff

      Done. Thanks. Always sending out good stuff!

    15. Anastasiya Bulavkina
      Anastasiya Bulavkina03-03-2015

      Done! Beautiful models!

    16. Jim Field
      Jim Field03-03-2015

      Done, Facebook and Twitter. Good Luck everyone, This pack looks Awesome.

    17. J. Kelly Austin
      J. Kelly Austin03-03-2015

      Done. Good luck.

    18. dk_HAM

      DONE! Twitter: @dk_ham

    19. Eric Benner
      Eric Benner03-03-2015

      DOne and done. -eric

    20. Romeady

      DONE ………………

    21. Russell Jolley
      Russell Jolley03-03-2015


    22. JoeTV


      And my initial comment was NOT too short in my opinion. It was concise. Now I have to pad it out so the web doesn’t think I’m some stupid BOT trying to post links to male enhancement or Kurdish Dating websites. How about now? Is it long enough now? Wow, that last sentence could actually be construed for one of those aforementioned websites…

      Oh well, we all have to deal with the way technology is I guess.

    23. Curtis Dart
      Curtis Dart03-04-2015

      Done…Posted it on my Facebook Page..And In After Effects Seattle group page!. Now begins the wait.

    24. NZ_Scotty

      Done! Shared on pro users Facebook group 🙂

    25. JayTay

      Done – happy to share it in fact! Looks pretty amazing.

    26. robert hogg
      robert hogg03-04-2015

      DONE 🙂 ………………………

    27. Matt Rody
      Matt Rody03-04-2015

      DONE! Just posted the link on Twitter! Thanks for the contest!

    28. Timothy phy
      Timothy phy03-04-2015

      DONE. And done. 🙂

    29. Splurj Creative
      Splurj Creative03-04-2015

      Done! Fingers crossed!

    30. skarrambo

      DONE @skarrambo

    31. Jeff LeJune
      Jeff LeJune03-04-2015


    32. Jeremy Wood
      Jeremy Wood03-04-2015

      Done 🙂

      I said something about having the whole world in your hands. 🙂

    33. Josh Thorpe
      Josh Thorpe03-09-2015

      Love this site! thanks for all the content

    34. charles blengino
      charles blengino03-09-2015

      Done ! Et thanks !

    35. costas papadakis
      costas papadakis03-10-2015

      DONE!!! Thanks and keep up the great tutorials!

    36. Antonin FONTANILLE
      Antonin FONTANILLE03-10-2015

      DONE ! Hope it’s not too late…

    37. Arno

      Thanks for your site

    38. Curtis Dart
      Curtis Dart03-11-2015

      Wahoo..I won….Thank you very much!.!.!.! Now I must go and play with earth

    39. Kevin Lanigan
      Kevin Lanigan03-11-2015

      Done…The world at my fingers….Why do I feel like Dr. Evil.

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