DEM Earth Update


My favorite C4D plugin just got better. DEM Earth released version 3.0 with tons of new updates.

Click here to learn more and get Dem Earth

There are tons and tons of updates in 3.0 as well, which I haven’t had time to review in a tutorial. You can find more details about the update on the launch page. If you’re ever in need of maps for infographics or motion graphics projects, this plugin is well worth the investment. Make sure to check out all the various DEM Earth renders on the launch page, they are absolutely incredible!

Simon Spencer-Harvey recorded this tutorial showing off the new features of DEM Earth:


Here is my tutorial on the previous version if you haven’t seen it yet. This video goes more in depth on DEM Earth.

Click here to learn more and get Dem Earth

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  1. Worth noting that if you need more detail, whether texture maps or pixels, simply nest additional ‘DEM earth object’s inside the master ‘DEM earth object’.
    These will then use the date from the master, but allow you to allocate more pixel subdivisions and/or a greater number of texture tiles.

  2. Another great tut. DEM Earth is frankly a work of fucking genius.I’ve been using continually for months having bought it a year before the right project came along to use it. I keep seeing references to users combining Eon’s Ozone (above for one) Have you looked at this at all Joren?

      1. Wolfgang Krantz

        Hi Simon,

        this would be absolutely great and usefull. DEM Earth is such a great plugin and now I´m battling with the Ozone PLE. It´s frustrating…

        Thank you

        1. Hi Jonathan and Wolfgang
          I will put something together when I next get a chance between jobs. Tutorials are very thin on the ground with regards to Ozone, mostly they are tailored around Vue, rather than the C4D/Ozone pipeline.

  3. Michael

    If you fancied making a terrain texturing pack that worked well with DemEarth you’d make me very (VERY) happy. The main problem with the plugin (don’t get me wrong, it’s an amazing plugin) is that accessing really high quality textures is prohibitively expensive if you need to license them for broadcast, far more than TV budgets allow now.

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