Edit-Optimize: A Free C4D Script

Note: This plugin does not work in R21 unfortunately.

UPDATE: The plugin, as requested, now makes a duplicate copy of the object you want to make editable and turns it off. This serves as a nice backup in case you want to go back to its initial state at any point. Also, the pop-up window was taken off since there is now a duplicate made and the window is not really needed. Also, some revisions should make it function better in R12. Re-download for the updates!

Marc Pearson of Footprint-productions.com and I have teamed up to create a free Cinema 4D script for you guys! The script takes the process of making a cloner or motext etc. into a single polyginal object a one click process and takes all the manual work out of the equation. Hopefully this will be useful to you. If you have any ideas to make it better/more useful, let me know. Hope this makes life a bit easier for you! The script only works in R12 and above because it’s python. Get the script here: http://bit.ly/HIJrBn

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  1. Joren,

    Thank you for the awesome script. I am working on a low polygon project that requires a lot of vertex tweaking. All my objects have to be converted to polygon objects. This script will save me a lot of time.

    The only feature that would be great to see is the ability to keep a copy of the original object with the view in editor/render switch for the original object off. Thank you for sharing your work with us.


  2. Andy Blondin

    You can also drop the Motext or cloner in to the connect object and then hit C to make it editable, does the same thing. The script is nice though because you can map it to a key. I would take the dialog box off so it’s just one step. Hope that helps.

  3. Kevin, we included your feature in the update. Re-download/overwrite the file and the new script includes a duplicate copy that is shut off, in case you want to revert to it at some point. Cheers!

  4. Marc Pearson


    There is something strange with how this new code works in R12. I will investigate and see if there is a fix that will work in both 12 and 13.


  5. Joren,

    Thank you for adding that feature! Is there anyway to remove the dialog box that ask if you really want to continue since the original model is there if you need it? Thanks for all your awesome work!


  6. Oscar

    I got the same thing as Ryan. Added a motext, clicked edit-optimize, all I got was a duplicate of my motext. Anyone else? I am in r12

  7. Marc Pearson


    That update is on the way 🙂

    Although there is a minor difference, the script will work in R12 as well. Stay tuned for that update 🙂


  8. MoshPit

    Hi Marc & hi Joren,

    first of all: thank you guys for this script 🙂

    after optimizing 2 words I can’t move these objects anymore (don’t work with 1 object either) to make an sequence 🙁 – do I anything wrong?

    Best regards

  9. adamalbo

    wow this is great its exactly what i needed thank you guys 🙂

    i was just wondering.. i have around 6000
    extrudeNURBS that i want to be editable is there away i can select them and run the script and it will make them all editable

  10. Hi Marc & Joren,

    I figured out, what the problem with my text moving was: an update for my graphic-card (AMD 12.4 Win 7 x64) has caused the error (turn back to the older version again) – possibly it’s useful for someone…

    Best regards

  11. adamalbo

    hey i changed the script and now you can choose as many objects as you want and youll get mesh for each one .. it works alil diffrent now it makes a connect object amd makes it editable and
    its abit cleaner and less heavy on the system
    diffrent code all together
    thank you marc and joren .

    if someone wants it lett me know 🙂

  12. maria emanuela horga

    hi there, thank you for the video, its very useful! emm… so i downloaded the edit optimise tool, its been downloaded as a WinRAR (zip) file…. it might sound stupid but im a beginner, what do i do next in order to have it as a button selection in my cinema 4d software ? pls help..

    1. Go to “Window” then “Customization” then “Customize Pallets” In the “Name Filter” search bar type in “edit-optimize” and the plugin icon will show up. Drag it to anywhere that you want to dock it and let go. Now you have a quick access button. Make sure to go to “Window” “Customization” and “save as startup layout” so it’s there when you restart.

  13. Nathan

    I just downloaded this script on a mac, and It doesn’t show up in my plugins drop-down and also doesn’t show up when I follow the above steps to the Customize Commands. I am running R15.

    Is this an OS problem, or a version issue?

    I have the unzipped file in my R15 plugins folder.


  14. Chris

    Hi Joren! Love the script! Is there anyway to have the script run and not connect all the letters into one object, but connect them as individual poly objects? For instance if I have “Hello” as a motext object, be able to click the script and have it convert it but be able to select each letter as a poly object?

    Thanks for your time!

  15. Dicky

    How to install OR put the “EDIT-OPTIMIZE” on wndows to get that on the libary Costumize Comands

    I exactly have no idea

  16. Masterpie

    Nice script!

    But I have a question:do you know somehow how to make it working on multiple extruded objects at once?

    And another issue of mine,if i can ask here:
    Let’s say i have a bunch of splines,how can i apply an extrude for each of those splines at once.
    I mean I want to have each spline with it’s own extrude
    …so then i could apply your script.
    Because now if i put all the splines in one extrude object then the script would make also only one editable object

    Hope it make sense

    1. Masterpie

      Sorry now I have seen that is ADAMALBO has improved it for many objects-Thank You!

      Now i only want to know ,like i said,if it’s possible to put each spline on it’s own extrude nurbs at once.

  17. Masterpie

    Or if somebody can make it working on ExtrudeNurbs with many splines and Hierarchical option checked,
    but after that to have separate objects from that splines

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