Free 3D Model: Telephone Utility Pole for Octane and Cinema 4D

There are a handful of people I keep an eye on in our industry who are doing really fun personal projects. It’s something I really admire and think I should do more of. I just can’t seem to carve out the time but I’m really thinking about making it a priority in the near future. The amount of passion and growth I can see from people who do personal projects is immense. I’m very envious in some ways but I realize that’s my own fault. Balancing making a living and also the original passion you had for your craft is not easy, but it’s necessary. I encourage you to consider this along side me!

Aaron Covrett is one of the guys I enjoy following (@AaronCovrett on Twitter and His latest project is called “Bus Ride.” It’s a beautifully lit, textured and graded animation. I encourage you to check it out on his Behance page. He is also giving away the utility/telephone pole 3D model he created for free! It’s available for commercial or personal work and includes Octane textures. Incredibly inspiring work, Aaron, nicely done!

Check out the project and download the free C4D Utility Pole Model

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