Free C4D 3D Map Route Builder


Simon created a nice little rig for a previous job and wanted to give it away to everyone! It’s an Xpresso rig to create a route on a map. You make the map in 2D on a flat map, then click one button and it changes the map into a 3D globe which inherits the animation path. It’s a bit heavy on the machine, so make sure you have a good computer. Also, it’s a bit complicated to understand without watching the tutorial so make sure to watch Simon’s overview. Hope you find some good use from it!

Click here to download free C4D 3D Map Route Builder

    1. Simon Spencer-Harvey
      Simon Spencer-Harvey03-21-2015

      Worth noting if you want the graphics to be more 3D, with a little bit of extruded depth I recommend putting the entire ‘route rig’ into a ‘cloth surface’ object. Set subdivision to 0 and thickness to about 1 or less.

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