Free C4D 3D Social Media Icons

Remco whipped up a great freebie for you guys. It’s 140 C4D 3D Social Media Icons! Yes, that’s right, 140 of them. There are a bunch of options, white, black, metal, transparent, circle and square. Also included are the splines for each icon so you can make your own custom ones. Hopefully these will be useful to you. Enjoy!

Click here to download the C4D 3D Social Media Icons

    1. Ken Hoffmann
      Ken Hoffmann04-07-2015

      Wow! Great freebie! Every time I come here I’m blown away with everything this site has to offer. Keep up the great work!

    2. Aileen

      Wow! And who is this famous Remco? I’m a big fan of his C4D models!

    3. kike pacheco
      kike pacheco01-19-2016

      Absolutely nice.
      What a brilliant job man!

    4. Justinex11

      Is Eddie your Brother or something

      (Eddie van der Meer)

    5. john ta
      john ta10-03-2016

      this is awesome but i don’t see the most important social media icon of them all – instagram

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