Free C4D Model Roundup!

Free C4D Models 3D

Today I’m going to do some E.J. pimpin. My buddy E.J. has posted some amazing, free models for the community so I wanted to give him a shoutout and make sure you guys all know about the free goods!

1. Free jumbotron model: An amazing, sports jumbotron that is fully textured

2. Oscars Pack: Movie theater, xpresso rigged red carpet, velvet ropes etc!

3. Girder/Scaffolding: A very nice design element to throw into your scenes.

4. New Years Model Pack: Noisemaker, party hats and streamers.

Big thanks again to E.J. from If you have any models you would like to share with the community, please e-mail me!

Hope you guys have an awesome weekend!



    1. EJ Hassenfratz (@eyedesyn)
      EJ Hassenfratz (@eyedesyn)02-23-2012

      Thanks for the pimpin, Joren! Really appreciate it!

    2. fasteddie

      Thanks EJ for the free models and tutorials – love your site too! 🙂

    3. Lu

      BIG Thanks EJ!

    4. carlos

      Muchas Gracias

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