Free C4D Plugin: Easy Chesterfield

Free C4D Plugin Easy Chesterfield

I found this free Cinema 4D plugin yesterday and wanted to share it with everyone. It’s called Easy Chesterfield and is available for free at You have to register for an account there to gain access, but it’s worth the extra steps. The plugin takes any point selection on an object and in one click adds the chesterfield look that you would see on leather couches and furniture. It’s a great way to add some detail to interior scenes. Enjoy!



Get the free C4D plugin here

    1. Tristan


    2. Ion

      Thats so cool Joren, thanks for sharing !

    3. Zizos

      Amazing, I wonder if it works with more than 1 surface or with animated objects.

    4. Beto

      Hi, nice plugin, but it does works in mac? How to install? Copy and paste in the plugin folder?
      thanks a lot.

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