Free C4D Plugin: Magic X Christmas Tree

The holidays are right around the corner so you better get ready! If you’re working on any holiday themed projects you most definitely need a Christmas tree. My buddy Lazarus is giving away a free Cinema4D plugin called MagicXtree to create Christmas trees in just a couple of clicks!

It doesn’t come with ornaments, but hey, you can get those free here: Enjoy!

Click here to get the plugin

    1. Simon Spencer-Harvey
      Simon Spencer-Harvey12-04-2014

      great, just what I needed for a festive projection mapping job. Thanks man

    2. Misi Szilagyi
      Misi Szilagyi12-05-2014

      Nice! Thank You!

    3. Chris

      Nice! thanks 🙂

    4. Luciano Bonavino
      Luciano Bonavino07-14-2016

      All links are broke could anyone fix or replace?

      Thanks in advance 😀

    5. Ryan

      that seems to be the link

    6. Steve Austin
      Steve Austin11-09-2017

      The “Ornaments” link doesn’t work.

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