Free C4D Plugin: Nitro 4D Magic Slow Motion

Free Cinema4D C4D Plugin Nitro4D Slow Motion Time Remapping

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to create really smooth time remapping inside of Cinema 4D using the brand new Nitro4D plugin called Magic Slow Motion. I will also go behind the scenes and show you how the plugin is creating the slow motion time remapping so you can understand the process.

Get the plugin here:


    1. rudy

      thx dude for this, i’ve looking to achieve this effect for so long now thank you so much…. I also have to thank the creator of this plugin,he’s awesome…

    2. Phil

      Hello Joren,

      do you know if this can be applied to a camera movement at all?

      I would imagine so but just looking for confirmation!

    3. Joren Kandel
      Joren Kandel05-15-2012

      Phil, well, the settings are applied to the entire scene, so whatever happens in your scene, animation, camera movement, etc. would slow down with the scene…

    4. Philip

      Only seems to work with dynamic elements. For me at least (R13). Would love for it to affect the camera. Anyone get it working with non dynamic objects?

    5. Dave

      Hey Joren,

      Love your site and I’ve learned so much so thanks for sharing your knowledge! I’m trying to animate a similar scene with money being thrown up in the air and drifting down but can’t get the settings correct for my cloth tag on the bills. Any suggestions? Are you using soft bodies instead? Thanks!

    6. Joren

      Hey Dave, I’m sorry I can’t be more helpful, but I deleted the file and honestly don’t remember the parameters etc. I think I used cloth, but then for the tutorials turned it off because it was slowing things down too much. Sorry I can’t be of more help! Good luck!

    7. roger

      dos this work when u doing a camera move too

    8. Micky

      Hey Joren , nice explained in tutorial. I have a doubt ,if i manually remap the time in project settings its not effecting anything either, so is it like time remaping or slow motion is only for simulations only ,not for other animations…?

    9. jarle

      I am not able to get your plugin to work in my C4D 15. There is absolutely no effect at all?

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