Free C4D Preset: The Grid Maker

In this tutorial, I’ll give you an overview of the C4D free preset called grid maker. It’s great for making any type of weaved or mesh patterns. You could use this for tons of stuff, fabrics, basketball hoops, metal fences, who knows! The preset is set up so it can be animated very easily. Grab the preset here:


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  1. chase

    Alright! You seriously made it?! Thanx so much Joren! I can’t wait to check it out and I have just the model to try it out on, one i set by the way side a while back as i could quite figure out how to do the weave in C4D – I could in 3DSMax and Blender but – not C4D.
    Time to pick it back up and try again with your plug-in – like tonight!

    I see from the video preview pic it does two by two weave… hope it can do a 1×1 weave…

    Man – it’s like a super early X-mas gift!

    Thanx again,

  2. chase

    My bad – I thought this was something you made Joren from when you were asking for ideas for plug-ins a while back.

    It’s kinda cool but didn’t work for what I needed.

    How about a tutorial on how to open and access hidden Xpresso content! If I could get to the Xpresso tags – I might be able to either change it to where i could use it. Or better still learn how he set it up and possibly use it to make one for wire mesh.

    Anyhow – thanx for the link to the preset.

  3. WolfSpirit

    Note: You must have Mograph (so at least Broadcast version) R12, R13 for this to work. *So sad….could only afford Prime*

  4. marko


    thank you but me when I open it there is not this grid in two colors, there is nothing !!
    I’ m using c4d r14,

    I dont understand why I don’ t have like yours .!?

    I have just re downloaded it from the plugin site, so have you suggestion please ?


  5. Nick

    Awesome! Really appreciate this, How would I change the Length U and the Length V in the Material to change the scale of it’s bump, texture size etc? Thanks again.

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