Free C4D Preset: Roots/Vines Xpresso Rig

Free C4D Preset Rig Cinema4D Maxon Vines Tree Roots

I found an awesome Cinema 4D preset rig to make roots and vines! This is made by Simon Fiedler and shared on his vimeo page here:

Huge thanks to Simon for sharing this, it’s awesome.


    1. Gokhan

      too good to be free plugin…
      thanks for share 😉

    2. Erik

      Thanks for the tip! I’m sure this is going to be handy for me in the future:)

    3. Trevor Williams
      Trevor Williams02-07-2013

      I am in love 🙂

    4. Bobby Olabanji
      Bobby Olabanji02-08-2013

      Thank pixel lab for this information.. this is fantastic…

    5. Lester

      Thank you to both Joren and Simon for this very cool little treat!

    6. Klovis

      Really cool. Thanks a lot.

    7. Tim Pfeiffer
      Tim Pfeiffer02-13-2013

      Thanks for sharing guys. Fantastic preset!

    8. gittapius

      this is awesoma guys

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