Free C4D Preset: Screw Toolkit

C4D Free Preset Cinema Screw Toolkit

In this video I’ll give you a quick overview of a free Cinema 4D screw preset by Oliver Vogel. Here’s a link to the preset:


    1. SmedleyX

      Thanks for the tip!

    2. Craig

      Thanks Joren. Great find

    3. Norrie

      Good Lord!

      Is it sad that I just spent my Saturday morning examining the maths in his Xpresso setup?

      I now have an overwhelming urge to model a cordless drill 🙂

    4. fasteddie

      Great work and very nice of him to share. Also, some of the renders on his site are awesome!

      Thanks for finding this Joren 😀

    5. Emely

      Thanks a lor for sharing 😉

    6. Scott Melchionda
      Scott Melchionda10-11-2013

      Outstanding! Thanks for not charging, though you very easily could get $20 for this kit.

    7. Steve

      Thank you very much!! Great Stuff!

    8. Coley

      Fantastic! I do have a question, is there a plugin or something similar that would allow you to say, place the screws on the 4 corners of a polygon and then have it repeat?

      • Joren

        Putting the screw in a cloner and changing the cloner to “object” mode would be your best bet. Then you can drag your polygon into the object slot and it will clone the screws onto your polygon. Cheers!

    9. ericfaxie

      thank you very much coming from china

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