Free C4D Project: Ray Bounce Experiment

This is the coolest thing I’ve seen in a very long time! krotMonster on Vimeo posted up a free C4D project file of some experimentation he did with ray bounces. Holy man, this is cool stuff. The crazy thing is how fast it renders and how fast you can move around this scene. This is definitely starting some gears spinning in my head for future projects. Dissect it, thank the krotMonster, and use it as a platform for some crazy projects in the future. Enjoy!

Go here to get the free C4D project file


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  1. Hi Joren, thanks-I did download the project file. When I substituted the figure with a sphere, or any other mesh, i get nothing, any thoughts?, I’d like to use this for a job-it seems easy enough, but I am stumped-thank you in advance, Craig
    PS-where can I get the preset to install in my library, maybe that is the issue

  2. Hey Craig,
    did you make sure that after pulling your new mesh in the ‘Object’ field of the ‘Python Tag’ that you also clicked on the ‘Update’ checkmark? Works fine for me.

  3. Hi Thomas, yes I did indeed click on the update button, but nothing happens. Could it be that I am just using C4D file, as opposed to putting it in mu content browser?, just a thought, but I get nothing ; (-any ideas?
    I am on th latest C4D version, Mac os

  4. Hey David, I followed Thomas’s suggestion more closely. When I put a new mesh in the object field, only the do I check the update box, not before. It does work, but depending upon the number of segments, it may take a second or two to update-Thanks Thomas ; )

  5. Chris

    Hey, fantastic work!

    Unfortunately I´m stuck: I cannot use any other object as substitute to the Mesh. Of course I tried the update Button but no result.

    I just opened the .c4d file – is this okay?

    I work under OSX with R16. Thanks for your help, dudes!

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