Free C4D R13 SSS Jelly Beans Model

Happy Friday everybody! Got some C4D candy for everyone. Remco was playing around with the new Subsurface Scattering (SSS) in Cinema 4D R13, and made a scene of jelly beans falling down and bouncing around on a floor. The model is pre-rigged with dynamics, but more importantly, has a bunch of SSS textures which you can play around with. If you’re interested in SSS and want to mess around, this is a great place to jump in and check it out. (You can open this in R12, but you won’t be able to render the SSS).

Enjoy, and have an awesome weekend everyone!


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  1. Hey Marc, I’m not 100% sure, and maybe somebody can help out here, but it may have to do with the R13 Physical Renderer or a feature in the Advanced Render module in R12. Not quite sure…

  2. Remco

    Hi Marc,

    This is what Maxon says in their press release.


    Use real camera settings like shutter speed and aperture to view the Project through the lens – with 3D depth of field, motion blur and more.

    Render advanced effects like blurry reflections, Area shadows and Ambient Occlusion along with accurate depth of field and motion blur. The Physical Renderer’s shared image sampler samples the Project just once and shares the result between all these effects, reducing the incremental time required to render each effect and guaranteeing accurate results as the effect combine with one another.

  3. The ‘Physical’ setting is a new render engine (or at least a very upgraded version of advanced render)

    Some of the important features is the new indirect illumination method of calculating GI – the physical camera settings, dof and chromatic abberation etc. It also render the new SSS shaders and blurry reflections much more efficiently and quickly. And last but not least true photometric lights.

    Overall this is a huge leap and brings c4d’s rendering capabilities closer in line with other medium scale render systems such as vray, maxwell and mental ray

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