Free C4D RoadGEN Road Creator


Hey everyone, I found a really incredible free resource for you guys! It’s a free C4D road generator created by Mike Batchelor over at It’s built into your character animation tool and includes straight roads, corners, roundabouts, T intersections etc.


You just click on what piece you want to add it and they build together to quickly build a full road system! After you build them you can go in and change the length, width, curvature etc. really easily. Very, very cool preset rig. Grab it now!

Get the free C4D RoadGEN Road Creator Here

    1. ZerBouZer

      Thank you for sharing this tool.

    2. Simon

      Be interested to see how this plays with GreyScaleGorila’s City pack

    3. jorge

      Amazing ! thank soo much for share free and usefull stuff! 🙂

    4. Mact

      Thank Joren

    5. Dave Angelini
      Dave Angelini05-08-2014

      Wow….thanks… folks constantly amaze with your skill and generosity.

      …and to play off those good sentiments….

      …any thoughts to applying this same rig/plugin to building plumbing and/or sewer pipes?

      Or could it be done by just replacing the road elements with pipe elements?

      In any case, great job…I see so many uses that this could become a whole new collection (roads, sewer pipes, electrical conduits, HVAC ducts, tunnels, train tracks, the list goes on….)

      Great work!!


    6. mike

      hi there guys. I am into c4d and i am trying to make the model of my 2006 Honda accord model but i am really struggling at it. Is anyone on here good at designing cars? Obviously i could go and pay $100 and download the model but that is not what i want. If i had lots of money i would do it, but…..

      i really appreciate if anyone would be able to help me out.

    7. Six Huit
      Six Huit10-30-2014

      Haha. You’re funny Mike. Obviously you don’t have any understanding on how much work that would represent.
      Keep on struggling… Then add all the hours you spent on it, and divide that by a 100 dollars. See if you are happy with that kind of salary… Or suck it up, save the money to pay what the artist deserves.

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