Free C4D Version Icons

My friend Ed Rhine over at has created a nice little freebie for you guys. It’s a pack of free C4D version icons. All of the Cinema4D versions plus Team Render and Net Render have the same logos so it’s kind of confusing if they’re all on your dock at the same time. This will solve that problem for you!



Go here to get the free C4D version icons

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  1. Andreas

    Hi Jose, under Windows you can fix C4D in the Task Bar. There you can right click on the icon. This should give you two options:
    a) to call up the application (“CINEMA 4D”)
    b) to remove it from the task bar.

    Now, instead of left clicking on the entry “CINEMA 4D”, perform a right click on the entry. This gives you the option to edit its properties. Here, under the tab for the link, you should be able to choose another symbol. Choose one of the downloaded icons and apply. Next time Windows starts, you should see the change.

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