Free Sports Elements for C4D and AE!

Free C4D AE Model Jumbotron Sports Pack Ribbon

My buddy EJ aka Eyedesyn is sharing a really, really nice asset with everybody and I wanted to pimp his goods. Included in Sports Pack Vol. 01 is a Cinema 4D jumbotron model as well as 2 customizable After Effects templates with the jumbrotron screen elements. There’s a full HD & arena ribbon sized version that you can customize the text and colors of the animations easily! Huge thanks to EJ and Adam Schmisek for sharing such a valuable treat.


Get the free C4D and AE Sports Elements Pack Here

    1. Joey Morelli
      Joey Morelli11-12-2013

      Error (404) – it’s not there.

      Thanks Joren!

      • Joren

        I wrote EJ and he’s going to update the link after he gets off a plane he’s on…try again a bit later!

      • Joren

        Ok, it’s working now!

        • Pablo

          File not found now… 🙁

    2. Tod

      You continue to offer some of the best models that I’ve seen, even better than most of the $ at Turbosquid. I have actually used several of your free models for a project that I’m developing–a 3D animated video series for children with special needs. The project is here:
      and the ebook series is here:

      I’m not trying to plug my project…I just wanted to share with you what I’ve been doing with some of these free models. Thanks again!

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