Free Water Rain Drops Looping Texture


Daniel Mozbäuchel, also knows as iDani, created a really nice animation of a Porsche Cayman GT4 in a rainy scene. One thing that sells this beautiful render are the rain drops coming down the side of the car. This is an animation texture which he created and is giving away for free! You can add animating water drops on windows or pop cans etc. by using this texture. It’s 4K and it loops, which is awesome! Thanks Daniel!


Click here to get the free water rain drops texture

    1. Tim Fusco
      Tim Fusco01-03-2017

      Very cool animation. I appreciate the texture. I was wondering how to actually make it work. Would love to hear your suggestions. Not sure how to apply it to a material.

      Thank You

      Tim Fusco

    2. Sergiu Botoran
      Sergiu Botoran01-03-2017

      Great work Daniel !!! Thank you also for sharing your work with Cinema 4D Comunity. Can you please tell us how to add it to a material ?

    3. Sergiu Botoran
      Sergiu Botoran01-03-2017

      How can we import an sequence of JPEG in C4D and it works with standard renderer?

    4. Sergiu Botoran
      Sergiu Botoran01-03-2017

      Oh ok I find it. Go to Animation and press calculate:
      Sorry for messing your comment section!

    5. Daniel

      Hey Guys, thank you for your comments. I have this texture in the displacement channel. Then you have to check the tabs, go to animate and set the sequence. Works in cinema standard and octane. Maybe some other renderes too. Cheers Daniel

      • Joren

        Awesome, thanks for the feedback Daniel!!

    6. John Smith
      John Smith11-24-2017

      Nice texture. But it gives strange “borders” around the drops when using displacement because the background of the jpg sequence has 50% grey like some areas of the drops. Should the texture not look like this to look “real”:

    7. John Smith
      John Smith11-24-2017

      hey! very nice texture. but it gives stranges borders around the drops because the background is 50% grey like some parts of the drops. so displacement looks a little strange in closeups. any solution for this?

      • Joren

        Interesting. I haven’t had time to play with it much, so not sure. You could contact Dani, at, and maybe he could help you out? He’s the guy who created it. Cheers!

    8. John Smith
      John Smith11-24-2017

      I will do 😉 Thanks for the quick reply!

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