Important Poll: Decide the Future


The results from the poll are in, and it looks like everybody wants tutorials and freebies! So I will do my best to get you want in the new year. Have a great New Years! I’m looking forward to helping you as best I can to crush 2015!


If you have any input on how to improve the newsletter or Pixel Lab in general, please comment


    1. Phil Bennetts
      Phil Bennetts12-30-2014

      Any tutorials on using VRay lighting / materials would be great. Or lighting external scenes using HDR images – the backgrounds always look grainy even though the lighting is great.
      Thanks for all your hard work!

    2. Henrique

      Hey Joren,

      I love TPL and i really hope to see more converted 3D packs to Element 3D. Specially now with the E3D V2. The phisical shaders are fantastic now.

      i hope everyone have a wonderful new year, full with lot of C4D stuffs

      Thank you so much Joren, you are my C4D “Andrew Krammer” kkkk

    3. Jose SJD
      Jose SJD12-30-2014

      I agree with Phil Bennets. Vray, materials, HDR tutorials would be interesting.

    4. Flo

      Keep up the nice work! Ik really like the pixellab, personally I would like some “scenes” instead of models. For me the chance that a model (although they look fantastic) comes in handy is unlikely… But good scenes and backgrounds in c4d and AE always come in handy…

    5. Louis

      I still have a lot to learn so any tutorial related the integration of 3D elements into live action scenes are very valuable to me. I also appreciate the free models. So far I mostly use them to try and reverse engineer them to be able to make my own stuff some day. Thanks for everything!

    6. steph512

      Dear Joren,
      Your inputs are very valuable.
      An “innovation” I could suggest to you : as not everybody has got time to design what he wants, you could design a space where we could summit our idea/demand of design and you could estimate the time you think it will cost you and based on a fee/hour (40/50$ ?) you give an estimation of time (and thus of cost) of a partial design or more complete design, or total design, even for small things.

      That’s a little opposed to free tutorial, free materials, free models etc,…but everything could not always be free and it may interest people to gain time by expensing a little money. For you it’ll be a challenge to do bits & parts of various projects the most rapidly possible,….
      It’s just a suggestion of course,…

    7. The Rusted Pixel
      The Rusted Pixel12-30-2014

      More tutorials about new features in C4D. I’ve noticed a huge decline in tutorials since R15. Why have MAXON created these amazing new tools and there are so few tutorials? More about Reflectance, Compositing, Sculpting. The newer features.

    8. sta

      keep the good work
      thank you

    9. Mike Tosetto
      Mike Tosetto12-30-2014

      Your tutes are my favourites. You never ramble on and get to the point quickly. I feel like I get the information I need rally quickly.

      I like that you don’t target complete beginners or feel the need to explain every single step.

      Keep up those kind of sharp, snappy tutes, they’re great 🙂

      Have a awesome 2015


      • Joren

        Thanks Mike, I appreciate it!

    10. Brian McMahon
      Brian McMahon12-30-2014

      There are lots of beginner tutorials on YouTube, we don’t need more. If you’re looking for a “first step,” you don’t come here. There are plenty of super advanced tutorials where a few people show off their greatness, but manage to skip over the important parts “to save time.” The skipped part is the part I need. I want more intermediate level tutorials. I want: “after you’ve figured out the basics, here’s how to get to the next step.” For example, whenever someone is demoing Xpresso they say: “…and of course here you would need this node…” How do you know that? Where did that grokking of Xpresso come from? Why explain the logic of the node choices? That’s a great next step. And there are plenty of other tabs and tools that the intermediate person is unfamiliar with, focus on those. Or not. One of those two.

    11. David

      What I like about this website is the short form tutorial/tips. Nothing over five minutes. This is why I follow it,

    12. Matt

      Hi Joren,

      Your quick tips are some of the finest and most useful tuts to be found anywhere, they’ve helped me out of a lot of fixes. Thanks so much for all your hard work! Happy new year


    13. chris

      I think Pixel Lab is Great and appreciate the freebies and purchase items!

      I have a hunger for older industrial objects from the bygone industrial era i.e. the type of shapes you might find in an old submarine or factory components, dials, machines from say the 1910s to the 1940s, along the lines of early locomotives, that revealed all the gears, wheels and pipes. old planes or ship cockpit aesthetics

      I think steam punk is a play on these aesthetics but the real thing still looks better in that how things were constructed during this old era ring more inherently artistic and pleasing often times than the modern steam punk concoctions.

      I love the old industrial models/sets and pipes and duct generators/bits and pieces packs that Pixel Lab has created, Thank you!


    14. Uwe

      Hi Joren,
      TPL is very nice.
      I hope you can keep the Qualttät.
      Quick Tips and objects are OK.
      I wish you and your family and happy new year.


    15. Petra

      Have a wonderful and successful 2015!!!!

    16. Dave

      TPL is a great little resource of cool stuff and quick tips. You are also 100% customer focused which is what always keeps me coming back for more. Your model packs are outstanding and I really love the two model generators (or rather character templates) on pipes and air-ducts that you have created. I am surprised that those generators (as well as the model packs) were not an option on the survey for what we would want more of next year. I certainly hope to see more of those model generators in the future….in fact, a tutorial on how to create those generators would be my #1 choice for what I would like to see in 2015.

      …and of course a model pack on sci-fi nernies or a character template that builds sci-fi based hull details would be ideal.

      Keep up the great work and I hope 2015 is a great year for everyone!


    17. Damsel

      I love the turtorioals and of course the awesome freebies. As for somethihg new I want to learen ande having a harde time doingt so, I would love some basic, short, easy, step 1, step 2, tutorials on ani,animation. I hate to ask someone who does so much for us for any7thing more, but YOU ASKED! LOL


    18. Giovani Henriques
      Giovani Henriques01-01-2015

      I love your site in all aspects, but i think you can add a “tutorials” section to your header on the site, because whenever i try to watch and search for all of your tutorials i have to search them on google or keep scrolling down on your blog section, i think it’s the only thing that is missing on your site bro.

      • Joren

        Really, really good idea Giovani, I’m going to put that on my to do list for 2015. Thanks mate!

    19. Marv

      Joren –

      I LOVE getting emails from the Pixel Lab! I look forward to your quick, concise 5 minute tips. I find them invaluable! Thanks for taking the time to put these tutorials together and making them available to everyone in the C4D/AE community! This is one of 4 or 5 websites I rely on for Cinema 4D and After Effects tips.

      • Joren

        Thanks so much for the kind words, I really appreciate it!

    20. Darren

      Hi Joren,

      Another vote for E3d content or conversions, now that the materials import straight into v2.
      Also frustrated in trying to import some of the model packs into Cinema 4d lite. I’ve all but given up on learning modelling myself, what with trying to specialise in so many areas of video and photography already. So thought I’d be fine with the lite version but find a lot of the geometry and effects don’t import. So I’d vote for including C4d Lite versions too even if it means they’re missing certain features and effects.

      Love the models though and thanks for all the freebies too!

      • Joren

        Thanks for the input, Darren. I’m leaning towards biting the bullet and converting all the packs to Lite versions for sure, so keep an eye out for that. Thanks!

    21. YL

      How about some workflow workshops, or behind the scene etc.
      A big project from idea to the final video clip , image , even model will be great .

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