Inspiration: Pterois by Neekoe

Pterois Inspiration By Neekoe

I literally want to to find a new career. Don’t watch this if you want to feel good about yourself. Unreal. And especially don’t watch the behind the scenes. Find Neekoe here:


    1. MacT

      Me he deprimido, cuanta horas de trabajo, que buen trabajo

      I’ve depressed, how many hours of work, good job

    2. bob thompson
      bob thompson10-07-2013

      Man, I am depressed and excited at the same time. That was awesome. I can literally watch this all day…just seeing all the work they put in. Just incredible.

    3. Todd VanSlyck
      Todd VanSlyck10-08-2013

      So badass

    4. moshe

      Baddest fish on the planet! Wicked…

    5. Steve

      Great work and great sound design too, which adds so much!

    6. steve mylo
      steve mylo01-21-2014

      love a good talent

    7. zeprikan

      rly nice

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