January Update to Octane Lighting Essentials

Great news! We just released the first Octane Lighting Essentials update. As promised we will be updating the product with free new studio scenes monthly.

This update includes a scene called “Perfect Portrait” which is just gorgeous. It’s a round studio and you can manage size, ratio, background color and the power and position of the HDRI light source. We also have 2 different lights that you can turn on and off. On the first one you can select the light’s color and on the second one you can select the light’s temperature.

But the most important thing about this scene is the background light. You can emit light from the background to create a wonderful portrait.

If you already own Octane Lighting Essentials I just sent out an e-mail to you with an update link. If you didn’t receive that, maybe check your spam, or let me know. All new purchases will include the extra scene. Stay tuned for more additions next month!

Learn more and see all of the studio scenes

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