Just Say No!

Just Say No Jason Santa Maria

I love this video. Listen to Jason Santa Maria, especially if you’re a freelancer. This talk is a bit counter-intuitive to how we are programmed to say yes to everything that comes our way. From past experience I relate a lot to what Jason has to say, and think there is a ton of wisdom in his viewpoint. Your time is non-renewable. Treat it as such. Is saying no a no-no like we have always heard, or is Jason on to something? What do you guys think?


    1. Marc de Kruijf
      Marc de Kruijf12-18-2012

      Great video. Shared it on my Dutch Facebook page. I truly hope it inspires my followers.

      Thank you.

    2. Michael

      You’ll find a whole series of great business advice here from Billy Pittard.


      He co-founded Pittard Sullivan one of the most successful companies in the world for motion graphics back in the 1990’s.

    3. Stephen Konsor
      Stephen Konsor12-18-2012

      VERY nice words of wisdom in there! THANKS for sharing this.

    4. uteki

      “You say no to something so that you can says yes to other thing.”

      This one strike me at the heart, because we often think that if we want success, we have to say ‘yes’, and forget the importance of ‘no’ word.

      Thank you for very nice video!

    5. Ron's

      Great post, thanks!

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