Free Magic Book Plugin: Make a 3D book in 5 seconds

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  1. fasteddie

    Looks like its based on MoSpline, I already did the same manually for a previous project, but nice to have it in an Xpresso-based plugin.

    Thanks 🙂

  2. Bluworks

    Great Plug!
    But… is there someone using R12? I’ve installed the plug-in following the simple instructions, but i can’t see it in the “Plug-In” menu…
    Some help?


  3. Kevin, I think in the “Create book” tab in the “mode” twirl down there is an option for both pages. I haven’t played with it enough, but I assume that would do what you want?
    As for R12, @Bluworks, I honestly have no idea if it works in that or not. You might have to ask Nitroman about that, sorry!

  4. Hi Joren,
    I asked Nitroman who has been very kind and reactive!
    I made some tests.
    So, the plug-in has been installed properly, but in version 12.016, it appears here: Python -> Plugins -> MagicBook.
    It works!
    Just a “fake bug”: when you choose the “Front only” mode, it seems nothing happens (even if the generic material is generated). But if you render the frame, it appears correctly.

    Hope it helps!
    Thanks Joren and Nitroman


  5. James

    This is a great plugin but for some reason whenever I select a folder of images, the textures made are blank luminance files with no links to the times.

    Images are standard jpegs..

    Anyone else had this?

  6. Jeff

    I have unzipped the folder and placed the Magicbook folder inside this folder (AppData\Roaming\MAXON\CINEMA 4D R13_\plugins) but the plugin doesnt appear when i open C4D.

    Can someone who has successfully used the magicbook plugin please let me know exactly which files should go where?

    i got files from here:



  7. Mauro

    Is it me or this plugin is useless if you need a realistic book? I mean it’s great the pages creation automation and kinda cool the rig. But there’s not much control over the look of the pages. I need to flip a book at 50% and keep it open and the look isawful. The book looks flat as a brick, completely unrealistic.

    Also if I animate the flipping pages and then I’d want to make it editable to manually tweak it, it won’t work at all, it doesn’t keep the animation.

    Is it me? Am I missing something here?



  8. What am I doing wrong? It doesn’t create the right amount of pages when I select images and create book. I’ve got 6 images and it makes 3 pages. Also can’t get the front and back to display different images. Maybe it doesn’t work right in C4D 14 broadcast version?

    1. Tim

      Actually, I found that it was working. The preview window doesn’t update correctly, but when you preview render (Apple+R) it shows the correct sequence.

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