3 Free Killer Texture Packs

Need some quality textures to add to your library? Here’s some packs that are kickin!

1.VFX Workshops Textures

This pack has over 50 awesome textures, shot with a 5D. They come in 2K for free, and if you want more res they sell those for $2. Make sure to hurry over and download, it says limited time only! http://bit.ly/iCMupB


2. Cracks and Rust from CG Tutsplus

These textures are really nice, the cracks are especially useful. I’m a sucker for some good old fashioned entropy. http://bit.ly/hq8vWt


3. Ground Textures

This is a tidy little pack of 10 images. Grass, dirt, stony ground etc. Should come in handy. http://bit.ly/ig62AY


If you stumble on any other great resources, or have some you’ve made that you want to share, let me know and we’ll share them with the community!

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