NAB C4D Training Round 5: Full Project Breakdowns

Round 5 of the NAB 2015 presentations is live. This is a huge batch, focusing on full project breakdowns. Included are projection mapping, creating graffiti text, sketch and toon for flat design, C4D to After Effects Exchange, mograph for show opens, stadium graphics and low poly landscapes. So much information to absorb! Huge thanks to Cineversity. I went to college for 4 years for motion design and I promise I didn’t learn as much in 4 years as I did just watching these NAB videos. Epic content. Enjoy!

Barton Damer

Blending Impactful Motion Graphics with Live-Action

EJ Hassenfratz

Workflow for Sports Motion Graphics

Adding Cinema 4D to your 2D Workflow with Sketch and Toon

Robyn Haddow

Breakdown of UI Shots for the Flash and Arrow

Jeremy Cox

Designing WGN Manhattan and SXSW Gaming Awards Ident

Kevin Aguirre

How Cinema 4D Simplifies Complex VFX

In the Zone with Cinema 4D’s Mograph Tools

Julia Siemon

C4D/AE Workflow for Stunning Motion Graphics

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