New Contest! Texturing Challenge

Free Cinema 4D 3D Model BMW Dixie 315 DA-2

We’re going to start a new texturing challenge contest! This could mean experimenting with a new texturing technique or even learning a new render engine for you. Let’s take this challenge and learn some new things that will advance our careers.

Here are the quick rules:

-Take this classic Dixie BMW 315 DA-2 .obj and texture it. It’s completely untextured now, so you can start with a blank slate. Download link:

-E-mail me a render of your texture/lighting job to [email protected]

-I will pick the top 3 entries and the winners will all get a free product of their choice from our store.

-The deadline will be on the last day of June.

-Consider sharing this contest with a mograph friend and challenge each other. It’s way more fun to do with other people.

-Good luck, learn something new, and enjoy!!

P.S. This model was created by Maciej Ptaszynski. You can see his work here:

P.P.S. The model was a blender model, so huge thanks to David Drayton for converting the model to .obj! He just started a YouTube channel for C4D users who want to learn Blender. Check it here:

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