New Free Update to Octane Lighting Essentials

Cinema 4D Procedural Spotlight Octane Render Studio

Great news! We just released a new free update to Octane Lighting Essentials!

Octane Render Cinema 4D Lighting Studio Essentials

This update is called “Procedural Spotlights.” We found a really interesting way of creating “spotlight” effects which are procedural by doing some Xpresso wizardry in a HDRI style Environment Tag with noise. You can increase the softness of your spotlights, the amount of spotlights, the size, color etc. with a few sliders.

We also wanted to have an enveloping light so we provided a solution to scale and increase the number of the spotlights, change the background color and also light absorption. It’s a perfect scene to render motion graphic elements.

Octane Lighting Essentials for Maxon Cinema 4D

If you already own Octane Lighting Essentials I just sent out an e-mail to you with an update link. If you didn’t receive that, maybe check your spam, or let me know. All new purchases will include the extra scene. Stay tuned for more additions soon!

Octane Lighting Essentials for Maxon Cinema 4D

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