New Free Update to Octane Lighting Essentials

Octane Lighting Essentials High Tech Studio for C4D

Great news! We just released a new free update to Octane Lighting Essentials! If you already own Octane Lighting Essentials I sent out an e-mail to you with an update link. If you didn’t receive that, maybe check your spam, or let me know. All new purchases will include the extra scene. This update is called “High Tech Studio” and it’s absolutely beautiful. It’s view dependent, meaning we’ve set it up so the highlights/specular hits your object in a beautiful way within a certain camera range. To keep the spec hits correct don’t move your camera around the scene too much or you will lose the effect.Octane Lighting Essentials Tech Studio for Cinema 4D

It’s a perfect scene for showing off glossy technology with light hitting those edges and faces for a gorgeous result. You can change the studio colors, reflection, size etc. with an easy to use xpresso rig. Enjoy and stay tuned for more free updates soon!

Octane Lighting Essentials Cinema 4D Tech Studio

Here’s a little overview of Octane Lighting Essentials to get you sped up on this rad product:

Learn more and see all of the studio scenes

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