New Modeling Contest!

We haven’t done a modeling challenge for a long time, so let’s do it! I was making a fun little “Cube World” last week, based on inspiration from this tutorial. Here is my result:

I thought it would be fun to have everyone make a cube world, and I will pick a winner. The winner will receive a free product from our store of their choice. We’ll make this a October contest, so you have till the end of the month.

To enter, just:

  1. Create a little world living on a cube, and
  2. Send me a render to [email protected]

The world can be anything, ocean, land, fantasy etc. I will put all the entries in a post and we can see what everybody comes up with. Enjoy and try to learn a new technique with your concept!


    1. Marchel

      What a nice idea! I am curious what cubes will be send in. :o) Looking forward to see the results.

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