New Octane Lighting Essentials Update: May 2019

Cinema 4D Octane Otoy Coffee Packshot Studio Beverage Display

New update for Octane Lighting Essentials! This months update (free for customers) is a absolutely gorgeous Beverage Display scene. Perfect for packshots, this xpresso rig creates seamless reflections. If you’re a previous customer you’ll get an e-mail with the update, or you can go in to your account section on the website and log in to access the new download link. Enjoy!

One quick note, because of some of the limitations to Octane we have made changes to the way the product is packaged and used. Make sure to open the Read Me in the download and go over it. It will make sense if you read it. Thanks!

This latest scene was shown to one of the social managers at Otoy and his feedback was that it’s the best scene to light a bottle he has ever seen in Octane! So, that’s high praise!

Cinema 4D Octane Otoy Coffee Packshot Studio Beverage Display

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Btw, if you’re a Redshift user, we have¬†Redshift Lighting Essentials which is the same product but created for Redshift, so check that out here.¬†

Cinema 4D Redshift Lighting Essentials for C4D

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