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Check out the new digs everybody. It’s about time I updated my site with a cleaner and more coherent look. Hopefully the update will be faster and easier to navigate for you guys. Take a look around and if you find any bugs or bad links please let me know in the comments or shoot me an e-mail. It’s a work in progress, I’m still going in and tweaking some of the older content but we’re getting there. Thanks for your patience! Hopefully we can get back to our regularly programmed schedule of freebies and training now. There’s lots of great stuff coming up for The Pixel Lab so stay tuned! Cheers! Joren

    1. manny Grillo
      manny Grillo03-22-2013

      Hi Joren,

      Congrats on your new site’s revamp; love the minimalist clean layout… Keep up the great work.

    2. YangHu


    3. Izzy

      Great job as usual Joren!
      Rock on man:)

    4. Bob

      Joren, site looks great!

    5. Gregg Stankowski
      Gregg Stankowski03-22-2013

      Hey Joren, very nice the new web site, clean and easy to navigate, keep up the great work dude! Cheers !

    6. Stephen Konsor
      Stephen Konsor03-22-2013

      Site looks DOPE! THANKS for all the awesome content you put out!

    7. Pete

      Nice clean look—- you got a 404 error here though

      i think your home was that before….

    8. gokhan

      Hi Joren,firstly Congratulations Mate;
      Your new site look awesome ,)
      I love design,it’s impressive and modern.
      See you again my friend 😉

    9. jesus

      se agradece muchisimo lo que haces y nos esseñas.

      realmente son trabajos fantasticos y en los cuales compartes con los usuarios.

      tienes mucha mano para estos trabajos y mas.

      saludos y gracias por lo que haces

    10. jep

      Nice work !

    11. Zickar

      Congrats on the new redesign , it was always such a friendly design and this is just another step in this direction

    12. Todd VanSlyck
      Todd VanSlyck03-26-2013

      Love the new look. Seems easier to navigate

    13. Cris

      Loving the new rebranding. Great job.

    14. prabha

      Congratulation, new site it’s look great

    15. Martin

      Hey Joren, great site!

    16. Craig

      Loving the new site design! Looks great!

    17. Derek

      The new branding looks great! Thanks for all your hard work on the site. Its one of my “go-to’s” for modeling and 3D stuff.

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