Octane Master Course

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Octane Master Course

I’m excited to team up with John Burdock to share the best training for Octane I have found out there. The Octane Master Course is the first fully comprehensive series of video tutorials for Octane Render in Cinema 4D. It’s meant for all skill levels and will cover everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Octane and how it interacts with Cinema 4D. This course will also continue to evolve and update as Octane and Cinema 4D change over the years. It’s over 90 videos (30+ hours) with a complete beginner to advanced level progression which will help accelerate your Octane knowledge and quickly get you the technical skills you need.

Octane Master Course Cinema 4D Otoy Training

A Complete and Comprehensive Training Series

Over 90 videos and over 30 hours of training

This training follows a linear progression starting with a person who is brand new and progressing thoroughly all the way to advanced techniques so you can jump in at whatever level you are at and learn.

Regular Updates

This product will constantly be evolving

As Octane comes out with new updates the Octane Master Course will launch new updates and videos showing you all of the new features!

Private Master Course Discord Channel

Includes live support from John about all things Octane

If you purchase Octane Master Course you will get an exclusive invite to a private Discord channel where you can chat with other students and also talk to John directly any time with Octane questions!

Octane Master Course for Cinema 4D
Octane Master Course for Cinema 4D



Overview: 3 Min
What is Octane Render: 10 Min
Why You Should Buy Octane: 56 Min
How to Download and Install Octane and C4D Plugin: 17 Min
Introduction to the Octane Interface and Live Viewer: 16 Min
Setting up a Octane Layout: 13 Min
Basic Material Overview: 31 Mins
Basic Render Settings: 38 Mins
Overview of the Camera Imager: 39 Mins
Recommended Render Settings and How to Save: 6 Mins
Adjusting Basic Interface Settings: 15 Mins



Using Octane Lights Part 1: 32 Mins
Using Octane Lights Part 2: 15 Mins
Using Toon Lights: 11 Mins
Using Octane Daylight: 24 Mins
Using Textures With Lights: 12 Mins
Using HDRI and Texture Environment Objects: 28 Mins
Using HDRI and Daylight Objects Together: 20 Mins
Using Objects as Lights with Materials: 12 Mins



Diffuse Material: 44 Mins
Glossy Material: 56 Mins
Specular Material: 54 Mins
Toon Material: 40 Mins
Mix Material: 10 Mins
Octane Material Manager: 18 Mins
Using C4D Shaders in Octane: 17 Mins
Octane Open LiveDB: 19 Mins
Saving Materials (Quick Tip): 5 Mins



Camera Overview: 12 Mins
Depth of Field (Quick Tip): 10 Mins
Using Motion Blur: 28 Mins
Depth Of Field and Thinlens Settings: 32 Mins



Introduction To Nodes: 26 Mins
Node Editor Settings (Quick Tip): 8 Mins
Setting Up A Node Layout: 3 Mins
Material Node: 13 Mins
Mix Material Node: 6 Mins
Image Texture Node: 46 Mins
RGB Spectrum Node: 4 Mins
Gaussian Spectrum Node: 23 Mins
Float Node: 8 Mins
W Coordinate Node: 8 Mins
Baking Texture Node: 29 Mins
Transform Node: 15 Mins
Projection Node: 33 Mins
Checker Node: 5 Mins
Dirt Node: 16 Mins
Falloff Node: 20 Mins
Marble Node: 17 Mins
Noise Node: 18 Mins
Random Color: 12 Mins
Ridged Fractal Node: 10 Mins
Side Node: 7 Mins
Turbulence Node: 9 Mins
Clamp Texture Node: 7 Mins
Color Correction Node: 8 Mins
Cosine Mix Node: 10 Mins
Gradient Node: 40 Mins
Invert Node: 3 Mins
Mix Texture Node: 7 Mins
Multiply Node: 10 Mins
Add Node: 7 Mins
Subtract Node: 5 Mins
Triplanar Node: 21 Mins
Displacement Node: 33 Mins
Black Body and Texture Emission Nodes: 6 Mins
Absorption Medium Node: 19 Mins
Vertex Map Node: 15 Mins
Bitmap Node: 14 Mins
Colorizer Node: 7 Mins
C4D Gradient Node: 12 Mins
C4D Noise Node: 9 Mins


Advanced Techniques

Advanced Settings: 33 Mins
Removing Firefly’s: 28 Mins
Octane Render(er) Panel Overview: 13 Mins
How to Save Octane Renders (Quick Tip): 16 Mins
How to Save Octane Renders: 38 Mins
Rendering With An Alpha Channel: 14 Mins
Render Passes (A.K.A. Multipass): 51 Mins
Using Octane Scatter: 54 Mins
Using CSV Files with Octane Scatter: 21 Mins
Using Fog and VDB Volumes: 50 Mins
Fog and Volumetric Lights With Octane Environment: 57 Mins
Rendering The Hair Object: 36 Mins
Rendering Splines as Hair-Mesh: 13 Mins
Subsurface Scattering With Diffuse Materials: 45 Mins
Subsurface Scattering With Specular Materials: 30 Mins
Irradiance Mode: 7 Mins
Substance To Octane Workflow: 21 Mins


X-Particles and Turbulence FD

Using the X-Particles Emitter: 28 Mins
Using Turbulence FD With Octane: 47 Mins
Octane Master Course for Cinema 4D
Octane Master Course for Cinema 4D
I just registered for the course and it is completely fantastic! More people need to know about this course.
Justin Leduc
Octane Master Course for Cinema 4D
Octane Master Course for Cinema 4D
Octane Master Course Cinema 4D Otoy
You are a great teacher.  I’m new to Octane, and it feels like you are giving just enough information in each segment for me to learn new ideas, but not so much that I would feel overwhelmed.
Micheal Fleming


Q: How long do you plan on updating the course?

I will continue to update the Octane Master Course with new content and updates for over a year after launch till its fully completed on August 15, 2019.
90+ videos: All the videos in this course will be available to stream online. Topics include, but are not limited to: Basic introduction, render settings, material creation, node editor, Octane lights, Octane HDRI environments, Octane daylight, object buffers, multipass, compositing in 3rd party applications such as After Effects and Photoshop, render layers, fog, and volumetric lighting, 3rd party plugins and programs like X-Particles, Turbulence FD, and Substance Painter, and much more.
Continued updates: I will continue to update the Octane Master Course with new videos that will reflect any changes that are made to Octane Render C4D, including updates for Octane render V4.0.
I will continue to do this till the course is fully completed on August 15, 2019.
Additional videos: More videos will be added periodically that will reflect any new effects, techniques, or just anything cool I figured out how to make or do. Plans currently include Neon lights, Magic Potion Bottles, a Realistic Earth, and Diamond textures, with more to come.
Scene Files: Complete with free PBR Octane materials, 3d models, and VDB volumes to help you see firsthand how things are done.
Octane Master Course Discord Channel: A place for all members of the Master Course to hang out and ask questions, complete with live support from me on any Octane-related questions.

This is a great series of training videos. Easy to follow along and clear cut instruction. Highly recommend!

Troy Benesch
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