Organizing Your Crap: A Very Boring Video

Screen Shot 2011 04 26 At 7.42.33 PM

In this tutorial I show you how I organize all of my motion graphics projects. This way is a good alternative to pulling out your hair looking for old files. I have to give a shout out to Stephen Konsor over at for this organization tool. I worked with him awhile ago and he introduced me to the way he had his folders laid out and I instantly changed over to doing thing the same way, and have never looked back.


    1. Diorama Studios
      Diorama Studios05-03-2011

      THANKS for the shout out!

    2. Joren

      You deserve it man, you’re a GENIUS!

    3. Lenna

      Your asnewr was just what I needed. ItÂ’s made my day!

    4. Goye

      Just make sure you guys have a plan, XD. Loved it!

    5. Macurio

      This is awesome thanks so much Joren. Gonna do something similar now for my Audiowork

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