Ouroboros: Free After Effects Preset for Infographics

I just found this crazy free After Effects preset called Ouroboros. It’s incredibly useful for infographics, which I’ve been doing a lot of lately. It’s based on shape layers and has a ton of sliders you can modify to come up with really creative and easy animations. Just do yourself a favor and watch their demo video, then go grab this tool for your arsenal.  Get Ouroborus here: sandervandijk.tv/blog/2014/5/9/ouroboros-multiple-strokes-ae

    1. Armand

      Thanks Joren this is awesome,nice preset

    2. paul pratt
      paul pratt11-13-2014

      Thank you Joren!
      Great presets and products.

    3. Philippe

      Thank you for this info Joren.

      I will try it !

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