The Pixel Lab Podcast #3: EJ Hassenfratz

In the third Pixel Lab audio interview, I had the chance to talk with EJ Hassenfratz about his career in motion graphics. You can follow him @eyedesyn or check out his site at Big thanks to EJ for taking time to hang out with us!


Here’s a video EJ completed recently using some elements from my Industrial Pack!


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  1. Marlene

    Great podcast. After reviewing EJ’s work, it is obvious that he is an extremely talented and gifted artist. It is no wonder that he is sought after by many clients. After listening to the podcast, he is also a very well-spoken, bright, intelligent man who is very passionate about his work in motion graphics. I’d love to hear more from him again. I’m sure everyone who heard the podcast, or viewed EJ’s work, learned something. Great job!

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