The Pixel Lab Podcast #1: Simon Holmedal

The Pixel Lab Podcast Episode1 Motion Designer Simon Holmedal

In the first ever Pixel Lab audio interview, I had the chance to talk with Simon Holmedal about his background in motion graphics. He has some great tips about his workflow and how to get started in the industry. To check out Simon’s work, you can find him at or the company he works at:

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    1. Ricky

      Thanks for this Joren, Simon is a greatly talented artist and deserves a lot of attention.

    2. Dani-Sang


      bit off topic, but you heading off to IBC by any chance?

    3. Bryan Godoy
      Bryan Godoy09-07-2011

      Good stuff. Keep them coming, the podcasts are awesome. Great to see the industry through the eyes of guys like Simon. Can’t wait to hear who’ll you have on next… Quality, quality.

    4. Joren

      Not planning on it this year, Dani, unfortunately. Are you?

    5. andyweak

      This is great. Simon is definitely a big inspiration! Thanks Joren!

    6. Dani-Sang

      I am Joren, sad to hear you are not 🙁

    7. Charles Rowland
      Charles Rowland09-11-2011

      very nice. i love hearing where people i admire get their inspiration, and about the people they admire; its humbling.

    8. Sam Welker
      Sam Welker09-16-2011

      Great podcast! I never listen to audio podcasts, but i’ll listen in on these.

      I like how you called Nick Campbell “nickvegas”. That’s his twitter tag, not sure if you know his real name.

    9. Joren

      Haha, you’re right Sam! I’m so used to his twitter handle it just came out! Thanks for listening in man.

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