Pixel Lab Review: MovieType

MovieType Review C4D Cinema1

In this video I review the brand new MovieType software. Like everything else, don’t use this product as a “preset” to click and render and be done. Use it as a tool to expand what you’re doing in order to be even more creative. I’m really excited about the possibilities with this product!



  • Over 250 Presets
  • 22 Video Tutorials
  • Cinema 4D R11.5 or R12 with MoGraph module, Mac or PC
  • $79 for Single License, $279 for Multi-User License

    1. Izzy

      Great review Joren!
      At first glance I agree, I thought it was just another preset-pack type of deal.
      After looking at the finished product, it’s not too bad for getting shots 50-80% there, based on your final-shot needs.
      Rock on!

    2. Craig

      Great review. There’s a lot packed in the preset!

    3. Alae Hatoum
      Alae Hatoum08-24-2011

      I actually discagree and think its way overpriced and even after the preview still not very impressed . Sorry for sounding like that but John has helped me a lot with his tutorials and is one of the friendliest people and a real success story but this is not something i can be sold .
      The Camera presets , the Textures and lights are all just an excuse to out-price this . In the Preset shop at Robert Leger’s site you’ll find many much more useful and cheaper presets than this . A few effectors will not make me buy this

      • Dan

        $79 bucks is overpriced? get real! The time these presets can save you in one or two jobs is easily worth $79! (unless you don’t earn very much from your jobs?)

        For example if you use these 10 times. that’s less than $8 per time. so if each time it saves you say 20 mins, unless you charge less than $30 an hour then Joren is actually making you money with this pack! not costing you money!

        And every time after number 10 its pure profit… do the maths before you state something is too expensive!

    4. Joren

      Thanks for the comment man! To some degree I agree with you, and to some degree I don’t. I think the textures/lights/camera rigs are secondary, and honestly I probably won’t use them much since there are other packages specifically for those things which are really good. The animations are pretty nice though. It totally depends on your workflow, a lot of people in fast turnaround broadcast situations will be very grateful for this. If you have more experience, then you can set up these animations yourself, but like everything, it takes extra time. So yeah, not for everybody, especially somebody like yourself who I know is extremely good, but I still think it’s a nice product. Thanks for your input man, I appreciate the discussion!

    5. John Dickinson
      John Dickinson09-05-2011

      Hi Alae,
      You have the confidence, and the time, to create graphics in your own way and that’s great. Not everyone, especially beginners is in your situation. The MovieType toolset, including the type, cameras, lights, textures and scene elements were designed to save time and give users a creative head start.

      None of the presets are added as excuses to modify the price. The user can use the basic tools to create what ever they want and simply ignore the presets, many of which were designed to give users ideas of how the tools can be used and combined.

      Keep in mind also that MovieType is as much about tapping into the design experience and skills of myself and Brett Morris who created the tools. Buyers are given access to MovieType Plus which includes regular content and walkthrough tutorials created by us. We are also giving users access to mini-mentoring sessions where they can discuss their ideas and projects directly with us. It’s worth considering these things when comparing MovieType to “much more useful and cheaper presets”.

      Joren, MovieType doesn’t limit users to just the MovieType presets. Users can add whatever cameras and light presets from other sources that they wish.

      Best wishes,


    6. Bobo

      $79 is a steal! Way over priced?
      That is insane.

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