Redshift Texturing Contest + 65 Free RS Materials!

Redshift Texturing Contest Cinema 4D

We’re absolutely thrilled to launch a new Redshift contest this month!

The Pixel Lab sells a total of 8 Redshift materials packs: Four are “Redshift C4D Material Packs” which feature a variety of material categories, and the other 4 are “Redshift Mutating Material Packs” which focus on a specific type of material (Metal, Wood, Stone, or Brick) in varying degrees of weathering and decay. This month’s contest centers around these materials…plus, it gives you the opportunity to download 65 free materials!  Here are the rules:

  1. Download the 7 sample packs of materials below.
  2. Create the best still render you can using these in Redshift.
  3. You have to use at least 1 material from 4 separate sampler packs to qualify. (You can use more, but minimum is 1 from 4 different packs).
  4. Finally, send me the most creative and beautiful render you can come up with in an e-mail to [email protected] and you will be entered. The contest ends on the last day of February.
  5. The 3 winners (picked by The Pixel Lab team) will get the FULL fleet of 8 Redshift Material Packs from The Pixel Lab for free!
  6. Everyone who enters the contest will receive a 30% discount code off of any of our Redshift Material Packs. After the contest is over we’ll also have a 20% off discount for everyone, even if you don’t participate in this contest!

That’s it! Get creative, practice your texturing/lighting skills, enjoy the 65 free Redshift textures and have fun. Good luck!

Here are the free textures to use in the contest!

Mutating Materials Brick Sampler:
Mutating Materials Metal Sampler:
Mutating Materials Stones Sampler:
Mutating Materials Woods Sampler:

Redshift Material Pack 2 Sampler:
Redshift Material Pack 3 Sampler:
Redshift Material Pack 4 Sampler:


Here are the included materials so you can see what you have to work with:

Redshift Mutating Materials Pack Textures Cinema 4D Free

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