Retail Display Pack V1 Launch!


I’m excited to introduce The Pixel Lab “Retail Display Pack V1!” I’ve collaborated on this project with Simon Spencer-Harvey and we’ve created over 90 store building elements including 3 full 3D environments and a modular storefront builder xpresso rig that will hopefully save you tons of time on your projects. This pack is extremely versatile with elements for building all sorts of stores, displays, retail areas, set dressings and architectural visualizations.

3 Full Pre-built Store Scenes: Pharmacy, Small Store and Grocery Store

Xpresso Modular Store Front Builder Rig

Over 90 Individual Store Building Models

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The models include textures. NOTE 1: They will NOT work in versions previous to R12. NOTE 2: These were made in R16 with the new reflectance channel. Because of that if you open some of the models in R15 or before the reflectance might be switched to 100%. This is easy to fix, just change the material reflectance channel from 100% to 5-10% and everything will look perfect.

You may use these models for personal or commercial use, just not for stock or resale in any way. I have made a .lib4d file so you can load these models into your Cinema 4D Content Browser and easily access the models at any time! If you have any questions about the pack, please e-mail me at: [email protected]

This pack includes the following C4D models:

  • Fish Mongers Counter Option 1 & 2 C4D 3D Model
  • Bakery Free Standing High Profile Unit C4D 3D Model
  • Bakery Free Standing Stack 1 C4D 3D Model
  • Bakery Free Standing Stack 2 C4D 3D Model
  • Bakery Free Standing Unit C4D 3D Model
  • Bargain Bins and Wire Shelving C4D 3D Model
  • Beauty Checkout C4D 3D Model
  • Beauty Fixtures C4D 3D Model
  • Beauty Station C4D 3D Model
  • Booze Aisle Gondola Option 1 & 2 C4D 3D Model
  • Booze Isle Ends C4D 3D Model
  • Bottle Stack C4D 3D Model
  • Cash Register Elements C4D 3D Model
  • Checkout Small Convenience Store C4D 3D Model
  • Deli Counter Option 2 C4D 3D Model
  • Deli Scale C4D 3D Model
  • Entertainment Gondola Options 1 & 2 C4D 3D Model
  • Freezer Type 1 C4D 3D Model
  • Fruit and Veg Option 1, 2, 3 and 4 C4D 3D Model
  • Gondola Loaf Trays Backed and Backless C4D 3D Model
  • Large and Small Cabined Fridge or Freezer C4D 3D Model
  • Large Fridge C4D 3D Model
  • Magazines and Cards Display C4D 3D Model
  • Beauty Makeup Fixture C4D 3D Model
  • Makeup Gondola Aisle Bay C4D 3D Model
  • Modular Store Builder Xpresso Rig
  • Newspaper Stand C4D 3D Model
  • Optician Consultation Booth C4D 3D Model
  • Optician Gondola Aisle Bay C4D 3D Model
  • Optician Reception Desk C4D 3D Model
  • Pharmacy Aisle Gondola Bay C4D 3D Model
  • Pharmacy Aisle Gondola Ends C4D 3D Model
  • Pharmacy Feature Product Area C4D 3D Model
  • Pharmacy Modular Checkout Counter Area 3D Model
  • Pharmacy Wall Gondola Bay C4D 3D Model
  • Plastic Bread Pallet Tray 3D Model
  • Security Gate and Sensors C4D 3D Model
  • Self Serve Checkout Small C4D 3D Model
  • Self Serve Photo Printer C4D 3D Model
  • Standard Gondola Aisle End Medium and High Poly C4D 3D Model
  • Standard Gondola Heavy Weight Medium and High Poly C4D 3D Model
  • Standard Gondola Light Weight Medium and High Poly C4D 3D Model
  • Supermarket Double Checkout C4D 3D Model
  • Supermarket Single Checkout C4D 3D Model
  • Shopping Cart Trolley Park Option 1 & 2 C4D 3D Model
  • Breadbasket Wicker Closed and Open Front Options C4D 3D Model
  • Wine Boxes and Bottles C4D 3D Model
  • Shopping Baskets with Xpresso Rig C4D 3D Model
  • Shopping Cart Trolley with Xpresso Rig C4D 3D Model

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8 Responses
  1. KD

    I would immediately buy this collection if you also had a second collection with models of (predominantly) supermarket goods to fill the shelves and freezers. In the absence of such a collection the feasibility of quickly setting up a full-fledged supermarket scene is not given for projects with limited budgets.

      1. t

        I would say an option for both! Low poly if fine(and probably preferred for long shots. It shouldn’t LOOK low poly though, its too distracting. Also I have a request for Walmart and Target specific fixturing and building(look up Walmart and Target floor plans for accuracy) on next Volumes. When do you think you may have the next ones out?

        1. Hi T
          Next packs I was thinking of (depending on success of V1):
          V2 Retail park
          V3 Mall
          V4 Generic products
          A Wallmart/Cosco like store could be including in the the Retail park version.
          Currently working on another couple of packs focused more on motion graphics than visualisation, after-which I will go back to either the retail packs or perhaps a new events and exhibition pack
          Thanks for the feedback

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