Shadow Casting Lights: A lighting tip for Cinema 4D

C4D Shadow Casting Lights Cinema4D

In this video I’ll show you how to use a shadow casting light in C4D to make it easier to get the look you want when lighting.


    1. Chris Burke
      Chris Burke05-01-2012

      Great tip. You are the king of the “most useful information per time required” ratio!

    2. Joren

      Chris, that has to be the kindest thing anybody has ever called me. 🙂 Let me go wipe my eyes now…

    3. Michael

      Chris is right! You have a knack for finding really useful tips and expressing both the tip and a lot of other related thought processes very succinctly. Unlike what I just wrote. : ) It’s a special talent keeping things within those NY minutes.

    4. Lu

      Definitely what Chris said!

      : )

    5. Deiby

      +1 what Chris said. I love the pace of your videos and find them very useful!

    6. Gokhan

      awesome tip Joren,very useful,thanks friend 🙂

    7. Jorge Barrionuevo
      Jorge Barrionuevo05-02-2012

      im fan of your fastest and increible short tutorials. i not have time to watch longggg tutorials…i love the time and the exellents tips from you. thanks so much.

    8. Charles

      Wicked tip, thanks! I love the pace of your tutorials 🙂

    9. Jebus

      I agree! I love the short tutorials! Thx for that and keep it up!

    10. Mike Tosetto
      Mike Tosetto05-27-2012

      Haha, yes I have to agree with some of the comments here. Short and sweet, straight to the point. No rambling, just the necessary information. Cheers

    11. Alex

      Amazing, thank you.

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