Transform: C4D Plugin Review/Tutorial

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In this tut I’ll show you the new Transform plugin. I’ll show you some ways to use the plugin as well as give you my opinion on it. Transform is a lot more powerful than I initially thought and I’m really excited to use it!
To get Transform go here:


    1. Rick

      its a nice plugin ( or preset ),

      the only thing missing is interaction between objects ( animation tag ),
      hoping this will come in future releases,

    2. EVANS RWM
      EVANS RWM05-30-2012


    3. Rick

      EVANS RWM:

      no, thats not supported,

    4. Brett

      Nice. Thanks for explaining some more of the capabilities of this plug-in. Would like to see more “Transform” tutorials in the future, for sure.

    5. Gokhan

      I think this is not a plugin…it’s preset but where nice and excited result 🙂

    6. Brett Perry
      Brett Perry05-31-2012

      Transform does respect the C4D dynamics in cloner mode but not in the other modes (ie. chunks, etc.). Apply a rigid body tag to the object being cloned, not the cloner. Create a plain below your cloner with a collider tag and press play. By animating the enable check box in the dynamics tag, you can have your objects perform the transform effect, like “pop” and then have them fall and bounce on the plain. The plan is that all modes will support the dynamics in future updates. It also fully works with Mograph effectors both those added pre transform and effectors after the transform plug in has been applied – very powerful.

    7. alkhtani

      thank you

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