Transportation Contest Results

Alrighty, it’s time to announce the results of the latest contest! The theme was “Transportation” and we had a lot of great entries. The winner is Selim Ari who created a really beautiful project involving an alien abduction at a vintage diner. You can see the rest of his frames and a little video here. Congrats on winning Selim!

For the rest of you, thank you so much for entering. I truly hope you had fun and learned a lot. Keep your eyes open for new contests in the future. If you have any ideas for a theme, let me know! [email protected]

Alien Diner Model created by Selim Ari

Smuggler  Model created by Joseph Wraith

Space Capsule Model created by Elis Ekdahl

Shipwreck Model created by Jens Tang

Realistic Street Scene created by Will Fortanbary

Toy Car Model created by Sunny Heera

Space Bicycle Model created by Leonardo Isidro

Transportation Crate Scene created by Mark Lopatka

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