Win a free Storage Bin C4D Plugin Contest!


UPDATE: The winners of the contest are Ethik Design and Blair. Congrats to you! EJ will be sending you the plugin shortly, so check your inbox. Thanks everyone for entering!

Hey everyone, my friend E.J. over at recently launched a new plugin called Storage Bin which is really cool. He’s letting me give away 2 free copies to you! So, we’re going to run a quick contest. All you have to do is comment below. You can say anything you want, just add a comment. If you shamelessly suck up to me I will give you extra points, obviously. One week from now I will randomly pick two people from the comments and they will get a free C4D Storage Bin plugin. Submit your entry now!


Check out Storage Bin here

    1. Luke Wittig
      Luke Wittig05-15-2014

      support net neutrality.

    2. Jeff

      I will most graciously accept this free plugin.

    3. ac

      Always the best Pixels from PixelLab! Thank you for sharing Joren.

    4. Jonathan Reynolds
      Jonathan Reynolds05-15-2014

      Would love to take this for a spin!

    5. Chris Blaylock
      Chris Blaylock05-15-2014

      Me me me

    6. Glen

      This one time I was out with some friends on this boat, and this guy on the boat was like, “Come to the back of the boooooaaat!”

    7. Jay B
      Jay B05-15-2014

      Power to the Pixels!

    8. Juan

      I was almost off C4D and the entire 3d world until I saw the video on how Storage Bin works. 3 minutes ago.

    9. Cal P
      Cal P05-15-2014

      Awesome–thanks for the opportunity to win!

    10. Zack

      Plugins? I like plugins.

    11. Andrés Arosemena
      Andrés Arosemena05-15-2014

      This plug in looks extremely useful! I would love to win it!

    12. Kevin Snyder
      Kevin Snyder05-15-2014

      Sweet! Bin me!

    13. Marcus Conge
      Marcus Conge05-15-2014

      Save the bees More plugins please!

    14. Michael Straub
      Michael Straub05-15-2014

      Oh man I’m going to storage so hard

    15. Rolando Arroyo
      Rolando Arroyo05-15-2014

      Me of course ! Need aside, great plugin guys !

    16. Webz

      I’m in!

    17. Armando

      Been looking at your site for a while, love it. It’s helped me get over some obstacles in the mograph world. And yet again, you’re helping us out with a sweet chance to win a plug-in. (jazz hands)

    18. Blair

      Count me bin. Sorry couldn’t resist.

    19. fastzibon

      Hello Joren, I hope you’re fine. I’m a french fan of your work. I hope your site will be for ever open.

    20. Simon

      Cool plugin, saves creating file versions or a ‘build’ folder.
      Anything that speeds up creative pipeline gets my vote. I would love to test it to its limits

      Any idea what effect it has on file size, where does it save data to? Does it work with nested files?

    21. vinicius avelino
      vinicius avelino05-15-2014

      I loved it. I’m in!

    22. Onclebob

      Pick me up plzzz !! 🙂

    23. EJ Hassenfratz
      EJ Hassenfratz05-15-2014

      Hi there Simon! It doesn’t save it to another file, it stores object states but disables all the calculations on the objects so it won’t slow down your scene by storing a ton of states because unless it’s the current state, it’s not calculated by C4D.

      Hope that answers your question!

    24. Jak

      Enhanced workflow results in more productivity – I need this plugin to progress! 🙂

    25. Manuel Fernandez
      Manuel Fernandez05-15-2014

      thank you for your sight it has so much in one place. I have learned a lot. the first time I came to this sight was because The free stuff. Now that I am on the email list. I get told whats going. That is Awesome! If I get the one of the two plugins your giving away that would be cool.

    26. Victor Silva
      Victor Silva05-16-2014

      Gimme it! 🙂

    27. simone

      …..because italian people do it better

    28. Victor Vataman
      Victor Vataman05-16-2014

      I’m in too! Thanx for the chance.

    29. SAMBUEV

      Hello, I use C4D every day 🙂

    30. Keith Aldrich
      Keith Aldrich05-16-2014

      I’ve bin looking for something like this.

    31. Luke

      Yummmy !!! I want one 😀

    32. Alfonso

      Really cool and generous of you

    33. ethikdesign

      You rock big time Joren !

    34. STUDIO75

      Super – Terrific – Outstanding – Rousing – Awesome – Great – Exciting – Brilliant – Intoxicating – New
      Just about says it all!

    35. Joel T
      Joel T05-16-2014

      This looks so cool! THANK YOU for doing this! How awesome! Joren, you rock!

    36. Corey


    37. Jared Hanline
      Jared Hanline05-16-2014

      Looks sweet. The kind of thing that should become standard to the program. Would love a free copy.

    38. ERIC


    39. Malcolm

      Amazing work keep moving forward. You are an inspiration to us all to create a better world through learning.

    40. Bob Thompson
      Bob Thompson05-16-2014


    41. Romeady

      Great plugin this storage bin,
      My eyes pop out like Mr. Bean.

    42. Shaka Nkosi
      Shaka Nkosi05-16-2014

      Would love to have this plugin

    43. Jeremy M
      Jeremy M05-16-2014

      Props to EJ and Charles!

    44. Malcolm

      Looks useful! Thanks, Joren.

    45. Shawn Dunbar
      Shawn Dunbar05-16-2014

      Did somebody say FREE?!

    46. Brian J
      Brian J05-16-2014

      EJ is killing it! Free or not, Bin is going to be added to my workflow.

    47. Gabriel

      Pick me!!! (/*-*)/

    48. Irfan

      Great stuff…

    49. Andy Needham
      Andy Needham05-16-2014

      Bin me! Bin me!

      Seriously cool product! Congrats!

    50. Ricardo

      Count me in.

    51. victor


    52. Evan Morgan
      Evan Morgan05-17-2014


      Go Dockers! 🙂

    53. Andrew

      thanks pixellab for all the great free stuff!!!

    54. Vince

      If I don’t win the free one I will definitely buy Storage Bin. Been waiting for something this helpful for awhile. Goodbye storage Layer!

    55. mehrdad

      i’m in persia and in my country peypal or other cards dosent work
      so i can’t buy it
      and this way is my only chance to get it
      tnx n bye

    56. Mact

      Lo siento pero escribo en Español, mi ingles es muy malo… Como siempre nos presentas un montón de información muy interesante, pero este pluging creo que facilitaría mi trabajo mucho. Me gustaría tener uno de las invitaciones gratuitas!!!! gracias

    57. Greg

      I’d love to win this!

    58. Devin

      I had an idea for something like this a while ago. I need to learn python :-/ But I would love to win.

    59. Brett

      This is why it’s great that end users develop plug ins that are great utilities rather than engineers that develop single purpose plug ins. Great work!

    60. Nic White
      Nic White05-19-2014

      Love your work!
      And free stuff…

    61. hoffguy

      In it to win it. Radical stuff.

    62. stathis

      hello from greece

    63. Rob

      I will continue to be a mess without Storage Bin. Please help. Thank you.

    64. Rob

      I will continue to be a mess without Storage Bin. Please help. Thank you very much.

    65. John Alexander
      John Alexander05-20-2014

      This plugin looks great. It will save us lots of time.

      Anyway here is a tip: The American Government has a secret division to spy on us through computers, phones and so on. They surely have a backup of our hard drives just in case.

    66. Declan Z
      Declan Z05-21-2014

      Yes, please! Your work and model sets are awesome, plus incredible freebies. And that is sincere, but if you’d like to consider it ‘sucking up’ for purposes of this contest please do so. You are free to use this comment in your personal and commercial work, but may not repackage or sell it as part of a ‘comment set.’

    67. Sandrayati Aleksandrina Aslakhanova
      Sandrayati Aleksandrina Aslakhanova05-22-2014

      Dear Joren, please, please, pleeeease choose me.

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