Pixel Lab Events And Exhibition Pack

Event/Exhibition Pack: Over 50 C4D models!

I’m excited to introduce The Pixel Lab “Events & Exhibition Pack!” I’ve collaborated on this project with Simon Spencer-Harvey and Remco van der Meer. We’ve created over 50 elements including 8 full 3D environments that will hopefully save you tons of time on your projects. This pack is extremely versatile with elements for concerts, events, conferences and exhibitions. (Click on …

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Pixel Lab Material Pack!

I’m extremely excited to introduce The Pixel Lab “Material Pack!” Over 500 C4D materials/textures to help you speed up your workflow and focus on being creative! The textures are organized into the following categories: Alpha Overlays, Everyday Color, Fabric/Leather, Glass/Transparent/Ice, Luminance, Metal, Misc., Paper/Cardboard, Patterns/Tiles, Rubber/Plastic, Stone/Concrete/Dirt and Wood. It’s a .lib4d file so you can load these textures into …

Free C4D Icons

Free C4D Version Icons

My friend Ed Rhine over at freed-motion.com has created a nice little freebie for you guys. It’s a pack of free C4D version icons. All of the Cinema4D versions plus Team Render and Net Render have the same logos so it’s kind of confusing if they’re all on your dock at the same time. This will solve that problem for …

C4D Tutorial Camera Mapping Projection Apple Perspective

How to Recreate Apple Perspective with Camera Projection

UPDATE! Thanks to all of you guys for commenting and pointing me in the right direction. A special thanks to Charlie Davies for figuring out what I did wrong. Turns out it’s a really easy fix and the technique doesn’t require all the manual tweaking, thankfully! So, here is the updated video on how to pull of this technique properly. …

Free Cinema4D Model Apple IWatch

Free C4D Model: Apple iWatch

I will set aside my personal opinion on this revolutionary Apple product and assume that you can use this free model in some way! Remco created this model of an iWatch and we’re giving it away for free. Remco is working on the wrist strap now and hopefully we will get you an updated model shortly. Enjoy! Click Here to …

Free C4D 3D Model Human Male Rigged

Free C4D Rigged Male 3D Model

My friend Chase Canadé found a really great resource and pointed it out to me. It’s a free C4D 3D model of a rigged human male. Not only is it rigged, but it also comes with 2 free mocap presets! It’s a really fun project to play around with. Unfortunately it’s a bit annoying to download because you have to sign …

Free Cinema4D 3D Model Hipster Glasses

Free Cinema 4D Model: Hipster Glasses

I imagine there are quite a few hipsters checking this site out, so just for you we have a free C4D Hipster Glasses model. It doesn’t come with a macbook, flannel shirt, latte and a mustache, but it’s a start. Included is a flat version and a version of glasses that are rounded. Thanks Remco for making the model and sharing …

Pixel Lab Training C4D

C4D Tutorial: Huge Timesaver, Scroll to First Active Object

Hey everyone, quick Cinema4D tip today to help you speed up your workflow. Watch it, and DO IT! Post that you took 5 seconds to do this in the comments so I can sleep better at night and not worry about you.

Free C4D 3D Model Margquee Sign4

Free C4D Model: Lit Marquee Sign

Remco created an awesome free C4D model of a Marquee Sign! Feel free to use for commercial use or personal use, just not in resale or stock. Enjoy! To get the model just sign up for our newsletter to get access to over 75 free models! When you join you will get a follow up e-mail with download information. Hang on …

C4D Tutorial Cloth Cloth Tag Simulation Cache

C4D Tutorial: Cloth Tag and Moving a Cloth Element

Hey everyone, I have a quick tutorial on the cloth tag, caching a cloth tag and some ways to use it. If you’ve ever had problems using cloth and moving a cloth object around your scene, this will help you out!  

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