Announcing the Pipes Generator for Cinema4D

Announcing the brand new Pipes Generator for Cinema4D! Create custom piping features, industrial elements and elements for steam punk designs in a few clicks! This rig, created by my friend Peter Holweg (, is incredibly easy and fun to use. Simply pick from dozens of component options, click one, and it will instantly create custom pipes.

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Banner Designers Pack

Designers Pack: 260+ C4D Models to Get You Designing

I’m excited to share the upgraded Designers Pack 2.0! We have added over 80 new models to the pack. The best part is we decided to leave the price the same! So now our Designer Pack includes over 260 C4D models to get you designing. Included are bolts, cables, ropes, metal scraps, latches, hinges, fans, wheels, tubes, pipes, connectors, ladders, trusses and tons more. Happy designing!

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Free C4D 3D Scene: Long Shadows and Low Poly Earth

I created a free c4d scene with the Long Shadow or Flat Shadow effect. It also comes with a free low poly c4d globe/earth model I made. Feel free to add your logo, text, icons etc. Hopefully you can use it for something cool, let me know if you do! The shadows are based on the “shadow light.” Move that light to move the direction of the shadows. The shadows are also somewhat dependent on how extruded the text is so you can modify the length of the shadows that way as well. Enjoy!

Click here to download the project file

Free C4D 3D Model: Ultra HD Curved LED TV

Remco modeled a free C4D 3D model for you guys. It’s a low poly ultra hd curved led tv model. Hope you guys find some good use for it. Enjoy your week!

Click here to download C4D 3D Model

Free Cinema 4D Model: Megaphone

Today’s freebie is another Remco special! A free C4D 3D model of a megaphone. I already have plans to use this in an infographic since it’s a really good visual “icon” model. Hope you find some good use for it too!


To get the free model you just have to join our e-mail newsletter. Subscribers get over 75 free models, discounts and weekly mograph roundups. If you’re already on the e-mail newsletter, find an old e-mail from me. They all have the URL/password to access the subscriber only section where you can download this free model.


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C4D Tutorial: Inner Glow Effect with Ambient Occlusion

Equiloud created a really nice C4D quick tip and asked me to share it on the blog. Heck yes, I will. It’s a really nice quick tip for using Cinema4D Ambient Occlusion in the Luminance channel. The effect is very cool! Check it out, and then check out Equiloud on Vimeo here:


Ouroboros: Free After Effects Preset for Infographics

I just found this crazy free After Effects preset called Ouroboros. It’s incredibly useful for infographics, which I’ve been doing a lot of lately. It’s based on shape layers and has a ton of sliders you can modify to come up with really creative and easy animations. Just do yourself a favor and watch their demo video, then go grab this tool for your arsenal.  Get Ouroborus here:

Quick Tip: Open Multiple Copies of Adobe After Effects Hack


Here’s a quick productivity tip for Adobe After Effects.

Free C4D 3D Model: Cake

Remco has a new freebie for you guys. It’s a C4D 3D cake model. Hope you enjoy!

If you have anything you want to share with the community, let me know, I would love to spread the word!

Click here to download the free C4D 3D Cake model

Free C4D 3D Model: Cupcake and Dish

Today we have a free model from Phixel Studios! It’s a free C4D 3D cupcake model, including dish and spoon. Make sure to check out Phixel here:

If you have anything you want to share with the community, let me know, I would love to spread the word!

Click here to download free C4D Cupcake Model

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