Announcing the Pipes Generator for Cinema4D

Announcing the brand new Pipes Generator for Cinema4D! Create custom piping features, industrial elements and elements for steam punk designs in a few clicks! This rig, created by my friend Peter Holweg (, is incredibly easy and fun to use. Simply pick from dozens of component options, click one, and it will instantly create custom pipes.

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Banner Designers Pack

Designers Pack: 260+ C4D Models to Get You Designing

I’m excited to share the upgraded Designers Pack 2.0! We have added over 80 new models to the pack. The best part is we decided to leave the price the same! So now our Designer Pack includes over 260 C4D models to get you designing. Included are bolts, cables, ropes, metal scraps, latches, hinges, fans, wheels, tubes, pipes, connectors, ladders, trusses and tons more. Happy designing!

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Cinema4D Tutorial: LED Lights in C4D with Material Luminance Multipass


Here’s a quick tutorial on a technique I’ve been using lately. It’s a way to create quick LED lights in C4D and After Effects. It’s based on the material luminance multipass and compositing in Adobe After Effects. If you make anything cool with this technique or if you have a better way to make LED’s let me know!

Free C4D Material: Glitter Sparkle Shaders

Want to make some glitter? This is a free material pack from! Not only a shader collection but also a Sparkle Shader plugin for free. The plugin lets you create glitter or sparkles quickly by customizing flakes and sparkle settings.  Also included is a .lib4d with 40 presets in case you don’t want to mess with the plugin. Enjoy!

Go here to download the C4D Sparkles Shader

Free C4D Project: Page Turn Book


My friend Rob Redman just released a nice little free C4D scene file. It’s a little turning page book/magazine rig. If you need some turning pages this might be really useful. (Another option is Magic Book by Nitro4D which you can see here: Make sure to give Rob a shoutout for sharing.



Get the free C4D Page Turn Book here

C4D Mograph Inspiration: Mothership

I can’t even comprehend any of this. It’s ridiculous.



C4D Quick Tutorial: Ambient Occlusion and Problems with Transparency


Have you ever had problems with something not showing up behind transparent items in your renders. This quick Cinema4D tutorial might help you out. It’s about Ambient Occlusion and Evaluate Transparency.

Medical Pack: 20+ C4D 3D Models

I’m extremely excited to introduce The Pixel Lab “Medical Pack!” I’ve collaborated on this project with Remco van der Meer. We’ve created over 20 medical related elements that will hopefully save you tons of time on your projects.



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Octane Render for Cinema4D Training

Check out this training series if you want to really dig into Octane Render from Otoy. It’s a phenomenal and comprehensive training series and I highly recommend it.



You can master the fundamental principles of rendering with the world’s first GPU based renderer. This training series includes 11 full lessons on Octane for C4D totaling almost 3 hours of content.

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Free Model: Coffee Bean Bag

Hey everyone, Remco has a new free model for you! It’s a C4D 3D model of a Coffee Bean Bag. Like always, to get the model you just have to subscribe to our e-mail newsletter and you will receive download instructions and password. If you’re already on the e-mail newsletter simply search for a previous e-mail from me. All the e-mails I send include the URL/Password for our exclusive models.


Enjoy the model, and don’t hesitate to let me know if you ever need anything from me!


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