Announcement: Earth and Globe Pack: 50+ C4D Models



Earth and Globes Pack

I’m excited to introduce The Pixel Lab “Earth and Globes Pack!” I’ve collaborated on this project with Simon Spencer-Harvey and Remco van der Meer. We’ve created over 55 earth, globe and solar models. Also included are 6 Xpresso rigs to help you create very intricate and custom animations. We have everything from realistic and high poly to stylized and low poly and everything in between. Artistic, stylized, lego, minecraft, tron, cloud scenes, milkyway, solar systems: we have a bit of everything for everybody! I hope you enjoy it!


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    Announcement: Material Pack for AE Element 3D 2.0 Update!

    Update: The Material Pack is now compatible with Element V2! Updates include taking advantage of the new Physical Shader properties for more realistic reflections and textures.

    I’m extremely excited to introduce The Pixel Lab “Material Pack” has been converted to Videocopilot Element3D for After Effects! Over 500 C4D materials/textures to help you speed up your workflow and focus on being creative!

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      Free C4D Xpresso Rig: Screw Generator

      Fuchs and Vogel just launched a really cool free Xpresso rig for Cinema 4D. It’s called the Screw Generator and is pretty self explanatory. It’s a very simple and easy to use rig which lets you customize high quality screws. It comes with 7 presets and tons of options to modify them. Go get it while it’s hot!

      Click here to get the free C4D Screw Generator Rig

        Free C4D 3D Scene: Office Meeting Room

        Yes, Remco is giving away another free C4D 3D scene. A beautifully lit office meeting room 3D scene. You can use it for commercial or personal use, just not for resale. Enjoy, and let Remco know if you dig it!

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          Free C4D 3D Model: Dessert Cookies

          I have a little freebie for you from Phixel Studios. Feel free to use for commercial or personal use. Thanks Phixel, make sure to give them some love. Enjoy!

          Click here to download the free cookies

            3D Photo Scanning Overview Plus Freebies

            I have an interesting post today for you about 3D Photo Scanning. I didn’t know much about it, but a guy named Daniel Morrison contacted me about his photo scanned 3D models and it opened up a rabbit hole that I kind of got stuck down! It’s a really fascinating practice and I wanted to put it on your radar, just because it’s so unique and interesting. Basically it’s creating 3D models and textures by taking hundreds of photos of a real object and piecing them together digitally.

            Daniel has a great blog with multiple free C4D models that he has created through 3D photo scanning. He has boulders, planks, rock walls, trees, and even a dragon model that you can download and check out here:

            (This dragon is not scanned, fyi, but it’s a free download on Daniel’s site. The dragon is created by Adam Sacco)

            Here’s what Daniel has to say about his process:

                 I shoot on a Samsung NX300 so I can snap 20 MP.  I also chose the camera because it has an articulating screen and I found that when I photo scan I often find myself in tight places trying to position the camera out of direct sight of the screen so this helps me immensely.  It also has a pairing feature which allows me to see my camera view on my phone and initiate photos from my phone.  This is useful when I put the camera on a boom (such as a tripod) in order to get high angle shots. Anywhere from 40-340 photos might go into a single photo scan.  Ideally these will be taken under ambient lighting so overcast and cloudy days are my new best friends.  I’ll align these images in Agisoft PhotoScan which is rather inexpensive for the Standard Edition.  This is where I’ll create a dense point cloud and then generate a detailed mesh.  Before creating the texture map I’ll jump over into ZBrush. In ZBrush I’ll decimate the model, UV map it, reproject the high res geometry and then kick that model back to Agisoft.  Now I will generate my texture map using the new UV topology I just made. A quick trip through Photoshop to correctly orient my map and also generate a mask from a high pass filter and I’m ready to follow through in ZBrush.  I’ll use that high pass filter mask to paint in additional detail in my high resolution model so it looks even more detailed.  ZBrush will create the usual displacement and normal maps for me and if I’m all happy with it I GoZ into Cinema 4D.

            Another great use of this technique is for scanning people to put into 3D scenes. Here’s an incredible project that has done this, and some screengrabs of the process:

            (all of these images were created by James Busby at ten24)

            Daniel also has a great overview of 3D human scanning here:

            If you’re interested in learning more you can join a great Facebook group for 3D Scanning moderated by Jeffrey Ian Wilson. Jeffrey also has an incredibly in depth tutorial on the process which I will share below:

            Anyway, I found this technique very intriguing and have enjoyed learning more about it. Hopefully this post will give you some resources to explore and learn on your own. Let me know what you think and if you decide to try it out yourself!

              Free C4D 3D Model: I-400 Submarine & Airplanes

              I have a pretty rad 3D model for you to feast yourselves on today you savages. This is by my main man Rick Ellis ( who also created the epic free SS United States ship and free Gas Station Model.

              It’s a C4D 3D model of an I-400 Japanese WII Submarine and airplanes. Want some history? The I-400 class submarine of the Imperial Japanese Navy was the largest sub of World War II. It’s a submarine aircraft carrier able to carry three Aichi M6A Seiran aircraft underwater, which is pretty awesome! They carried the planes underwater, surfaced, launched the planes, then submerged again quickly.

              Massive thanks to Rick for sharing this incredible model. Enjoy!


              Click here to download the free C4D 3D submarine model

                Free C4D 3D Scene: Landscape

                Remco has created a beautiful and serene landscape scene for Cinema4D. Feel free to use it for commercial or personal use. Enjoy!

                If you have any cool assets or models to share with the community, e-mail me at I would love share them and spread the word!

                Click here to download the C4D model

                  Free C4D 3D Scene: Art Museum Interior

                  I have a really cool full C4D 3D scene today. It’s the interior of an art museum. Huge thanks to Remco for sharing another great scene with everyone! Feel free to use it in commercial use, just don’t use it for resale or stock.

                  To get the model you just have to subscribe to our e-mail newsletter and you will receive download instructions and password. If you’re already on the e-mail newsletter simply search for a previous e-mail from me. All the e-mails I send include the URL/Password for our exclusive free model section.


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                    Quick C4D Tut: Object Buffer Automation Tip

                    Super quick tip on automating a tedious task when using compositing tags and C4D Object Buffers. Huge thanks to Sandi Dolsak: @sandidolsak on Twitter.


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