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Workflow Tips

2 Quick Tips to Save Time with C4D Hierarchies

Linking Texture Slots to Save Time

C4D to AE Null Problems Tutorial

Using the “Animation” Feature in C4D

2 Super Quick C4D Workflow Tips

C4D Tutorial: Best Way to Loop Animations Quickly

C4D Tutorial: R18 Updates to Cloner Object

C4D and After Effects Tut: AO Pass for Realistic Glows

Cinema 4D Tips on Using Ambient Occlusion

C4D Quick Tip When Using Displacement

C4D Tutorial: Make an HDRI Yourself in Cinema 4D

C4D Quick Tut: Minimize Headaches with Center Axis to Command Box

C4D Quick Tip: Modifying Textures From .lib4d Models

C4D Quick Tip: Bake a Model into Polygonal Object in 2 Clicks

C4D Tutorial: Two Ways to Bake/Cache your Particle Simulations

C4D Tutorial on Dynamics and Baking/Caching Your Simulations

C4D Quick Tip: Add to Hud to Speed Up Workflow

Using the C4D Mograph MultiShader for Random Textures

Quick C4D Tip on Setting up and Animating your DOF

Objects in Cinema4D Getting Cut Off or Clipped

Already Rendered? Make an Object Buffer or Matte in a Few Clicks

C4D Tip: Gain Control Over Your Ambient Occlusion

C4D Tip: Gain Even MORE Control Over Your Ambient Occlusion

C4D Naming Tool and Organizing Your Projects Quickly

How to Project Splines onto an Object in C4D

How to Bake Animated Mograph Effector or Deformers

How to Bake a a Mograph Effector or Deformer

Quick Tip for Animating Cameras

Grab Bag of C4D Tips by Simon

Reflectance Channel Gotcha: Black Render of Doom

Object Buffer Automation Tip

Ambient Occlusion and Problems with Transparency

Free C4D Version Icons

Huge Time Saver: Scroll to First Active Object

Xrefs and Proxy Feature for the Win

Camera Animation Tip

Switching Cameras with the Stage Effect

Looping Keyframes and Streamlining your F-Curves Workflow

Texturing Resolution Quick Tip

Archiving Models in a .lib4d

Changing the C4D Startup Settings

Spline Rail Tip

Loading ABR Photoshop Brushes into Cinema4D Bodypaint

Replace Missing Textures Quickly in C4D

Make a Texture Archive in Your Content Browser

Motion Blur in C4D

Solo Items While Texturing

Axis Modes/Coordinate System

Customizing the Viewport to Speed Up Workflow

Texturing Tip

Lighting Tip: Visibility and Noise

Speed up Rendering with Multiple Render Settings

Organizing Your Crap

Working with Fonts in C4D

PLA (Point Level Animation) + Texturing Tip

Free Generators/Plugins

Free NeuronBuild Script for Neurons in C4D

Free Book Shelf Generator Rig for C4D

Easy Depth Pass Setup with Free zDepth Camera Preset

Gelatine by Code Vonc for Fast Jiggle Effects

How to Use Proc3dural Plugin for C4D Destruction

Organic Lines with C4D Motion Drop

Plexus Like Effect with RayConnector Plugin

Free C4D Preset for Vines and Roots

Nitro4D Magic Preview

Magic Book C4D Plugin

Edit Optimize Free C4D Script

Magic Puzzle C4D Plugin Overview

Time Remapping in C4D with Magic Slow Motion

Free C4D Gridmaker Preset

Free C4D Magic Solo Plugin

Hangover C4D Render Notification Free Plugin

Free Floor Generator Plugin

Free MicroFloaties Overview

Cinema4D Bottle Generator

ReeperX Roper Generator

Making Arrows in C4D with Generators

Fracture Objects in C4D with Thrausi

Shadow Catcher Plugin for Realistic Composites

Free Spline Profile Library

Free C4D Preset: Tile Floor Generator

Free Cinema4D Screw Preset

Adaptive Cloners Free Script

Plugins (Not Free)

DEM Earth C4D Plugin Tutorial

Greebler C4D Plugin

C4D NitroBlast Plugin 1

C4D NitroBlast Plugin 2

C4D NitroBlast Plugin 3

C4D NitroBlast Plugin 4

C4D NitroBlast Plugin 5

C4D NitroBlast Plugin 6

C4D NitroBlast Plugin 7

Beginner Tips

C4D and AE Tip for More Realistic Composites

C4D Xpresso 101 for Beginners: Create a Simple Bar Chart

Tip on F-Curves, Bezier Keyframes and Default Interpolation

Using Video as a Texture

Axis Center Workaround with Primitives

Align to Spline Tag to Easily Light a Scene

Adding Boing with Delay Effector

Revealing Text Animation with Effectors

Vibrate Tag for Camera Wiggle

Sphere Displacement Gotcha

Adding Grunge to Objects

General C4D Features

New Thin Film Shader in R18 for Realistic Materials

New Parallax Offset in R18 for Extrusions

New Push Apart Effector in R18

Atmosphere with the Physical Sky Object

Intro Into Cinema 4D Sculpting

Using the Lighting Tool in C4D

Auto Orient To Camera & Look At Camera Tag

Motion Tracker for Handheld Camera Move

Quick tip on Using the Cloner Object

R17 Spline Tools Update Overview

Tearing Cloth or Bullet Ripping Effect

Pose Morph, Animating Vertex Maps & Tearing Cloth

Vertex Maps and Restricting Deformers

Vertex Maps in your Materials to Refine Texturing

C4D Cloth Tag and Moving a Cloth Element

Shadow Casting Lights Tip C4D

Doodle Tool

Three Ways to use the C4D Display Tag

One Use for the Displacer Deformer

Mograph Camera Shader

Cel Renderer

Boole vs. Spline Mask


Bevel Tool in Point Mode for Interesting Results

Modeling a 3D Fire Hose in C4D Timelapse

Using the C4D Bezier Plane Object for modeling

Creating Welding Seams Easily in C4D

Sculpting in C4D Screen Capture

Modeling a City Building Timelapse


How to Have Spline Dynamics Break or Split in C4D

Setting Up Spline Dynamics in C4D

More Control Over C4D Dynamic Settings

Dynamics 101 and the Matrix Effect


Xpresso + Sound Effector + Displacer Deformer

Xpresso + Sound Effector + Displacer Deformer Part 2


Problems Adding External Compositing Tag to Cloner Objects

Animating a Cloner Object’s Children

Add Multiple Textures to a Cloned Object without Making it Editable

Getting a Texture to Stick to Moving Clones

Select Individual Clones in C4D with Mograph Selection Tool

Volume Effector and Scrolling Video Board

C4D Random Effector’s Random Seed

View Moshaders without Rendering

Getting Textures to Stick When Using Effectors

Random Colors with Mograph Color Shader

MultiShader Efficiency

C4D Multi Shader


Create an C4D Animating Ribbon using the Joint Tool

Cinema 4D Tips for Using Soft Body Dynamic Simulations

Offsetting Animation in Clones to Build a Card House

Create a 3D Tattered Pirate Flag in C4D

Sewing Threads Effect in C4D

Beginning Camera Projection on Tunnel

C4D Explosion Object and the Low Poly Effect

How to Make an Ocean, Waves or Water

How to Recreate the Apple Perspective Look with Camera Projection

Industrial Metal Scaffolding Effect with Atom Array

Unfolding Polygon Effect

C4D PolyFx and Bleeding Shards

Casting Shadows in Your Live Action Footage

How to Create the Droste Effect in C4D

After Effects Tutorials

A Fix For Flickering .ai and .eps Files in After Effects

Open Multiple Copies of Adobe After Effects Hack

How to Use Free Confetti Pack

How to Use Trapcode Echospace in AE

AE 101: Wiggle Expressions

Videocopilot Element3D Review

Free Motion Blur in AE

Reel Smart Motion Blur in After Effects

After Effects and Cinema4D

Cappucino and Motion Sketch for Automated Animation

How to use C4D Shadow Multipass for AE

LED Lights in C4D and AE with Material Luminance Pass

Compositing C4D Screens in AE + World Axis

C4D And AE Tut: Springy/Bouncy Text Effect Script

C4D and AE Quick Tut: Camera Animation Tip

Using 3D Models from C4D in Videocopilot Element3D

Exporting C4D Models to Videocopilot Element3D

How to Use Depth Passes with Frischluft Lenscare C4D and AE

How to Integrate Videocopilot Optical Flares and Cinema4D

UVW Multipass and Revision Effects Re:Map

Concert Style Lighting Effect in C4D and AE

Color Design Workflow Tip

Exporting Shadows from C4D into After Effects

AE + Foundry Camera Tracker + C4D: Camera Tracking Tutorial

AE + Foundry Camera Tracker + C4D: Camera Tracking Tutorial Part 2

Maxon Cinema4D and AE to C4D Plugin

AE and C4D Unite with the .RPF ID Matte

AE and C4D Unite Again with Depth of Field and .RPF

AE and C4D Unite Again with Fog and Depth Matte

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