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Our goal is to help you create.

We are a team
of Artists

Our goal at The Pixel Lab is to gather experts who can bring you the best tools, training

and assets to help you grow in your design career.

If you need any help with support or anything else please e-mail me: joren@thepixellab.net

Joren Kandel

Founder of The Pixel Lab

Almost 10 years ago I started this blog with the intention of helping out motion design artists. I could never have imagined the incredible talent that would create something so meaningful. I’m honored to work with the best artists in our field. My main goal is to create a place where you can learn and grow in your career. I hope you’ll join our growing band of artists and I hope you find The Pixel Lab useful! If you need customer support, have questions or need help with anything just let me know: joren@thepixellab.net

Remco van der Meer

Pixel Lab OG and Modeling Master

Alessandro Boncio

Photorealistic Lighting Artist and Leader of Renderking
Giuseppe Sarci

Giuseppe Sarci

Character Creation, Modeling, Rigging, Xpresso

Simon Spencer-Harvey

Art Director and C4D Modeling Master

Rob Redman

Trainer, 3D Modeler and Material Creator

Mark Johnson

Redshift Artist and Material Creator

AJ Haines

Cinema 4D Plugin Artist

Cedric of “pxlntwrk”

Archviz and Lighting/Rendering Artist

Rick Ellis

3D Modeler and Xpresso Developer

Peter Holweg

Plugin and Xpresso Developer

Vic Garcia

Element 3D Artist


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